International Teams Calling Product: 6 Considerations Before Signing Up

Many businesses have been struggling to modernize their work environment due to the abrupt transition to working remotely after the catastrophic event. A need to update communication for a globally dispersed workforce is at the forefront of change.

Microsoft has spent the amazing part of the last few quarters improving telephony on Microsoft Teams, as it always does. For communication, you can now go far beyond the occasional conferencing and live events, voice phone calls, or video-less community meetings.

But we’re getting a bit ahead, of course – before you can use an international teams calling product, you must know what things you need to consider to give benefits to your business.

Which is the right Microsoft Teams Calling Product for you?

If you need to call other Skype for Business security and Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to purchase a Calling Product. Here are some must-know to have smooth domestic and international business communication.

Phone System

At some point, Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams, the Phone System Calling Plans, provides call control and PBX capabilities in the cloud. Phone System lets you replace your on-premises PBX system with a collection of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 features that are tightly incorporated into your cloud experience. To get started, search for architecture apps and services that provide the events voice Phone System.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice apps enable small and medium businesses to turn Microsoft Teams into a strong and scalable Phone System. You can create toll-free phone numbers from Microsoft 365, call menus to direct callers to the appropriate agency, audio conferencing to hold meetings with others, and much more.

Global reach

Microsoft Teams Calling Plans may be replaced with Direct Routing providers, an easy and cost-effective option. Although some provide more Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) replacement options than Microsoft, many do not have a complete Phone System and PSTN services or international numbers.

Moreover, allow the use of apps that can comply with managing and monitoring teams effectively. Search for Microsoft Teams calling products with the vast country or region coverage.


The cost of a Calling product varies by carrier. There are one-to-many products where you pay for the SIP paths rather than the users.

Your workers, in effect, share group pathways and can occupy one as required throughout a call. Don’t overspend on things you don’t need. As opposed to Microsoft Teams Calling Plans, Direct Routing will save businesses 50-75 percent.

User experience and reviews

Take a glance at Direct Routing Solutions that don’t change the Teams’ user experience in almost any way, allowing Teams to remain the primary business apps and services training. Get that international calling platform that makes natural calling easier for Teams users on desktop and mobile.

It’s important to keep customers at the forefront of the Teams experience if you want your company to embrace Teams successfully. The great Direct Routing platform enables end-user devices to have business voice apps bots, mobile applications, or browser extensions enabled.

Security privacy and compliance

There are several reasons why using an international Microsoft Calling Teams could be a good idea. Thanks to advances in technology, Microsoft Teams can now provide services both on-premises and in the cloud with security privacy and compliance.

On the other hand, most audio conference calls necessitate the purchase of separate licenses. Moreover, for international plans or domestic subscriptions, several products have pre-arranged pay-per-minute messaging credits to ensure users can continue making calls or dialing out from international calling.

Look beyond Telephony

Inquire about value-added services that go beyond delivering PSTN calling from Teams for your future Direct Routing provider. Consider if the potential solution involves business resources like call analytics, Teams-accessible phone settings, a certified contact center for Teams, or automated call recording for enforcement.

Adding Direct Routing with multiple systems can be expensive in the long run, making it difficult for IT to configure, implement, and maintain certain systems current and functional for Teams.

Business and Microsoft Teams support

If you’re thinking of using Microsoft Call Plans for Teams, there’s a lot to think about. The great news is that using Teams with a Microsoft Phone System and Direct Routing gives you a lot more flexibility and leverage over your costs than using Microsoft Calling Plans.

As you’re searching and exploring for the right calling product for you, have that one-of-a-kind platform that uniquely approaches customer service. When using Microsoft 365 or Direct Routing, look for access to your Service Management Portal, which allows you to track, route, monitor, and view analytics at any time.

Give Your Team a Call

When businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based services like Microsoft Teams, it’ll only be a matter of time before they replace conventional communication channels like Telephony. International Calling Plan features increase the efficiency of your Team’s partnership. That’s why there’s no denying that people nowadays interact using a variety of methods.

Go forward and find what’s the best for your business and team. Perhaps, look for one advantage over the other and mind what the considerations given above are.

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