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JavaScript is one of the most popular and famous programming languages used now-a-days, also outside the browsers. It was created 20nyears ago and at that time it was not that much popular as it is in today’s world. It was only used for fancy animations and Dynamic HTML (DHTML). To accommodate the requirements of the growing world, the responsibility of JavaScript also increased with the passage of time.

Browser APIs introduced many things in the platform, with the growth of the language as well.

Definitions of JavaScript:

JavaScript can be defined as a language that

  • High level:

One can ignore the details of the machine on which it is running as it is allowed by the provided abstractions. Garbage collector automatically handles the memory, so that one can focus only on coding. A number of constructs allow you to deal with highly powerful objects and variables.

  • Dynamic:

A dynamic language executes at runtime of many things at which static language compile at that time. Many powerful features are offered as dynamic typing, closures, functional programming, runtime alternation and much more.

  • Interpreted:

JavaScript is known as an interpreted language as a compilation stage is not needed before running a program as opposed in C, java.

For example, browsers do not compile JavaScript before executing it, which is visible to you without any other steps involved.

  • Weakly typed:

JavaScript allows you flexibility but safe type and checking is denied in it(something that typescript and flow aim for improvement , which is opposite to strong typing and do not enforce the type of object.

  • Dynamically typed:

Unlike java which forces the use of object programming, JavaScript do not enforce any programming paradigm and also C forces imperative programming.

Prototypes and classes syntax as new ES6. JavaScript offers you writing is functional programming styles, first class functions and also imperative styling like in C.

If one thinks JavaScript is not related to Java, then it is an unfortunate name choice which is very popular and necessary to live in today’s world.







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