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Do you know what this city is – Glasgow? It is the capital of Scotland and the fourth most populous city in the UK. This city has a very rich and interesting history, and also plays a rather big role in the UK economy. After a period of economic recession, this city recovered quite quickly and its development didn’t stop. In recent years, Glasgow has seen an increase in the number of jobs, the city’s specialization is expanding, more and more areas appear, which Glasgow specializes for itself, and adjusts its economy. So from a shipbuilding and engineering city, this city became the financial and tourist center of Scotland, and even became the third most visited city in the UK. In connection with such a rapid growth and retraining of the city, more and more opportunities appear in it. Today, even a foreigner can safely come to work in Glasgow, get a job in any field in which he is qualified and work. Previously, this city was not so attractive for earning money, but over time everything changed and not only Scots and British, but also foreigners began to come to work in Glasgow in search of a better life.

What kind of work is available for those who would like to have a job in Glasgow?

While Glasgow seems like a city with limited options, it is not. As already mentioned, he managed to become a famous and hospitable city both for many tourists and for everyone who came to work in Glasgow. And thanks to such metamorphoses that have happened to him in recent years, jobs in Glasgow are now available to foreigners in almost all spheres of the economy. But the availability of certain vacancies depends on the education and qualifications of the person looking for a job in Glasgow. For example, for people without university education, work in the home staff or in the service sector is suitable. These are such vacancies as a waiter, cook, janitor, hostess, barista, mechanic, builder, electrician, locksmith, gasoline operator, and other similar vacancies for which you do not need to have a university education and extensive work experience.

And what kind of work is available for those with a university degree?

Despite the fact that it is easy to get a job in the service sector, and many people go to work in Glasgow for such vacancies, there are also many vacancies available for those with a university degree. As Glasgow is actively developing and growing, there is a shortage of skilled and experienced workers in the economic and financial spheres. This also applies to the traditional fields of engineering and shipbuilding in Glasgow. Good workers are in demand everywhere, and people with higher education at the university and good work experience will find it easy to find a job in Glasgow.

What are the salaries for those who work in Glasgow?

The smallest known salary in Glasgow is $1,300. Such a salary is received by unskilled novice workers. no education or work experience. Those who have the necessary education and work experience can receive a salary closer to the average – from $1,800 to $2,600 per month. And the salary for people with higher university education starts from $3000 – $4000 a month and ends somewhere very high. From this we can draw a simple conclusion – the higher your education and the more work experience you have, the more valuable an employee you are and the more likely you will be hired to work in Glasgow.

Where can I find work in Glasgow?

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