Jquery Book Beginner to Advanced PDF

Jquery Book Pdf

Jquery Book Pdf

The principal “write less, do more” goes right for jQuery, which is a fast, lightweight and full of features library. APIs easy to use feature helps in making HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, adding animated features to the web pages among some major browsers as Safari, Internet explorer, chrome etc. One can also create an Ajax based application in a simple and easy way using jQuery  JQuery is used by many famous companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft etc. In 2006, jQuery was developed by John Resign and now it is running as an open source project, under a distributed group of developers. This website is very helpful as it saves a lot of time so one should bookmark this.

Features of jQuery:

  • Elements can easily be selected for manipulation.


  • Some effects like hide or show elements, sliding elements etc. can be created using jQuery.


  • Complex CSS animations can be created in a very easy way by writing a few lines of codes.


  • Dimensions of HTML elements can be easily set.


  • DOM elements and their attributes can be easily manipulated using it.


  • For locating any element you can travel around the DOM tree easily.


  • For enabling asynchronous data between client and server Ajax can easily be implemented.


  • One of the important feature is that we can easily perform multiple actions with a single line of code.

There are a number of other things which you can do with the help of jQuery as it is very advantageous.

Some other advantages of using jQuery are listed below:

  • Free of cost:

JQuery is free to use which is one of the important feature of it. Anyone can use it and can get benefit from it.

  • Easy usage:

JQuery is very to use which makes it very popular among people who have some basic knowledge about CSS, HTML and JavaScript, that is why anyone can start development s=using JQuery.

  • Compatibility:

In today’s world there are some modern browsers with some modern features, like Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer etc. JQuery is developed in such a manner that it is compatible with these modern browsers as well.

  • Time savior:

JQuery is a time savior due to its easy and quick features. For instance, inbuilt features like effect and selectors, and other development works.

  • Simplifying:

Common JavaScript tasks can be easily simplified by using jQuery. Web pages enriched and interacted web pages

by just a few lines of code which is very advantageous, for instance, for updating the contents of a page without refreshing it, you can implement Ajax.


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