Locum Story: Finding A Flexible Work Environment

People enter the medical field for a few key reasons. For many, the desire to help people and save lives is their main driving force. There are also the challenges involved in the medical field to consider. No two cases are exactly the same, so no matter how well you know your job, each patient and condition is a new experience. Beyond that, excelling at all the courses, passing the exams, and earning a medical degree to begin with is a challenge all its own. Between reaching that milestone and looking back on all the people you help, you’re sure to find a great deal of personal satisfaction along the way. 

That being said, quite a few medical professionals find that working in a conventional healthcare setting isn’t quite what they expected. Their hours are often even longer than medical school prepared them for, and many ultimately spend more time on data entry, staff management, and other administrative tasks than they do with their patients and families. That can certainly detract from the experience and leave them longing for more in their careers and at home. Many have found the extra flexibility they’re looking for in locum tenens assignments for surgeons and other medical professionals. 

Flexible Schedules

Locum tenens work can give surgeons more flexibility in their work schedules. They have the freedom to choose assignments based on hours, workloads, on-call time, and other factors. They can even give themselves time off between assignments to spend with their families or pursue other passions if they want. That allows for a better work-life balance and reduces the risk of burnout. With locum tenens assignments, surgeons don’t have to devote so much of their time to administrative duties, either. That can amount to more time with patients, less time at work, or a middle ground between the two depending on their specific goals. 

Flexible Locations

Locum tenens providers also have flexibility in where they work. They can accept assignments that keep them close to home or those that take them across the country. In their travels, if they find a specific area that appeals to them, they can narrow down their choices to only assignments in that region. If they want to work in underserved communities, they can request assignments in those areas. If they prefer to work in busy cities or in quieter, more rural areas, they can choose to only accept assignments that meet those prerequisites. At any time, if they need a change from the assignments they’ve been accepting, they have the freedom to make it happen.

Flexible Settings

Being a locum tenens provider allows surgeons to choose which types of medical settings they work in as well. Those range from private practices and hospitals to government service programs and academic medical centers. They can tailor their assignments to their skills and experience, add to their experience by branching out, or share their knowledge with others. There are plenty of advantages to all of those options. 

Bringing More Flexibility to Your Medical Career

Many medical professionals find that they feel bogged down or overloaded when they choose permanent positions in the field. Those jobs offer little flexibility, but that’s not the case with locum tenens work. Becoming a locum tenens provider offers extra flexibility from several angles, including the medical settings and locations where surgeons can choose to work as well as their schedules and workloads. That, in turn, allows them to use their knowledge and talents to help others without sacrificing personal fulfillment and a satisfying work-life balance.

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