Moving to Portugal as an American

Living in Portugal is a dream for many expats in the world. While some people prefer to visit Portugal as tourists, many others prefer to live there. Among them, Americans make up a considerable percentage.

Expats moving to Portugal enjoy high-quality life standards as well as a safe environment for their families. The growing startup community and tech companies contribute to this interest as well.

There are also certain residency programs in Portugal allowing additional rights besides residency. These include the D7 Visa and the Golden Visa. In this way, foreigners have access to these rights more easily.

Find the regular process of moving to Portugal from USA below, and you’ll learn what to expect following your relocation.

What To Expect While Moving to Portugal

There are many advantages waiting for you when you move to Portugal. The country attracts people with a low cost of living and a great job market. Not to mention the fact that it has a beautiful climate and landscape. Portuguese people are also quite friendly and this is another attraction point for people moving to Portugal.

Affordability is another attraction point for Americans moving to Portugal. The country offers high living standards as opposed to low costs of living. Couples can live in Lisbon with a budget of around $2,200 per month. Smaller cities require even less cost. Rents in Lisbon also range between $750-$1,800 per month. In the US, however, the same apartments cost around $2,000. Buying property in Portugal is another option if you consider living here for a longer time. You can both buy a property and get resident rights as well. The Golden Visa program offers this opportunity for overseas investors. The real estate market is also affordable enough considering the European market.

The public healthcare system in Portugal is free for residents under 18 and over 65 years of age. Private healthcare insurance is also available and affordable in Portugal. Similarly, residents and citizens up to 18 years of age benefit from free education. There are also paid international schools in Portugal. Some of them include the American curriculum as well. So, living in Portugal as an American is advantageous in many respects.

Getting Residence and Citizenship Rights in Portugal

In this section, you’ll find the answer to how to move to Portugal from USA. US citizens can stay in Portugal for up to 90 days. However, moving to Portugal from USA is another issue and this requires a residence permit. Typically, there are work visas, residence visas, and family reunification visas.

Regular residence in Portugal can lead to citizenship or permanent residence through the years as well. Portugal requires five years of residency to grant you citizenship status. The process includes a basic Portuguese test as well. Once you become a Portuguese citizen, you can live and work in another European country as well.

Other residence options include D7 and Golden Visa while moving to Portugal. Find details about these visas below.

Portugal Golden Visa

This is a residency by investment program that has granted Portuguese residency for more than 10,000 investors. You can choose from one of the required investment types and invest accordingly. Following the remaining paperwork and biometrics appointment, you’ll get a residence right in Portugal. You can apply for citizenship when you complete five years of residency. This, however, requires only seven days of stay each year.

Real estate purchase is one of the options that Portugal Golden Visa offers. So, while moving to Portugal from USA, you can buy a house and live with your family together. That said, your family can obtain resident rights too.

D7 Visa

Also known as a retirement visa, the D7 is aimed at retirees, and people having a regular income. It allows non-European citizens to get Portuguese residency. Like Golden Visa, D7 Visa also allows you to bring your family while moving to Portugal. Again, like Golden Visa, D7 Visa offers visa-free travel in Schengen countries.

In short, Portugal immigration as an American is an easy process offering profitable benefits. Choose the most suitable option and start your journey to Portugal.

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