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Online shopping is getting progressively common in recent years. People prefer shopping online rather than visiting physical stores. Additionally, during the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more people are looking forward to shopping online. Why? Because of its multiple advantages. If you shop online, you can go through each item conveniently without having to wait in long queues. Besides, you can take your friends’ advice from the comfort of your home.


However, finding an authentic online store beforehand is mandatory. That is exactly when VLONE comes to save you. It came into being quite earlier than most people would know. Starting in Harlem, New York in 2011, VLONE promotes a culture of history of art and fashion. Vlone consists of a diverse group of artists, including ASAP Rocky, Ian Connor, Playboi Carti, ASAP Bari, and ASAP K, who have come together to explore the artistic adventure.


These individuals are influential in the music industry, but Ian Connor had a significant impact on fashion to explore the street culture. asap rocky sweatpants and Playboi Carti use tattoos to express their deep desire to embody their brand.

The Message behind VLONE Merch

It was originally a “friends and family brand,” given to a select few chosen by ASAP Bari and the Mob. The brand’s allure stemmed from its exclusivity; you might see it on celebrities like asap rocky sweatpants, Playboi Carti, and Ian Connor, but you couldn’t just go out and buy it.


Amid the convergence of high fashion and streetwear worlds, Vlone became a popular brand. VLONE entered mainstream culture and became a globally recognizable brand, leading to pop-up stores in places like Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong.


The brand has a rich history and a message behind the core index of the brand. Ian Connor represents the brand’s optimistic hand. For example, one must master the ability to stay focused solely on one’s motivation. Whereas, ASAP Bari portrays hood fashion in their products and defines the negative side of the brand.

Collaborations of the Brand

VLONE is much more than a mere streetwear startup and has consistently blurred the boundaries between high fashion and streetwear fashion over the past few years. It is famous for the simple “VLONE” typeface style.


It’s been these gestures that have helped differentiate the brand and place it in a position above others. From forward-thinking and one-off pieces that are shown on runway shows to partnerships with the likes of Off White and Nike. The latter of which famously culminated in the Air Force 1 x VLONE collaborative shoe, a highly sought-after release that sells for thousands of dollars on the internet.


VLONE, on the other hand, never tried to stay away from embracing its urban origins. What’s more is, in recent years, it even serves as a platform for new artists to leave their mark on the brand’s legacy. Among the most notable collaborations are those with Playboi Carti, juice wrld vlone, Pop Smoke, and City Morgue. Fragment, Palm Angels, and Neighborhood are a few of the notable releases.

Shop at VLONE Merch

Vlone website is very popular because its merch is probably the most sought after on the internet. Hoodies, t-shirts, tops, shoes, shirts, caps, and accessories are all included in the Vlone Merch collection. The selection reflects the artist’s music’s direct relevance. Besides, the VLONE clothing line is far from over.

T-shirts and Hoodies

If you’re looking for some cool and catchy products, Vlone is your one-stop. Vlone got a chance to get the new line of hoodies and t-shirts before the death of rapper and songwriter Pop Smoke. The set has hoodies and t-shirts. The hoodies, which feature a basic V pattern on most Vlone Merch, signify the value of the artists.


You can find the best selections of Pop Smoke hoodies in vlone hoodie. With Wraith Pullover, Doves, Smoke x Hawk Em, and City Morgue Dogs standing out. On the other side, they have a special Vlone t-shirt set in which Bad Habits, The Woo, Stripe, and Friends are popular ones.

Pants and Jackets

To shop a fashionable pair of jeans online, go to Vlone’s website. You can find unisex denim pants, or even get custom denim. Besides, you can find leather jackets, life bomber jackets, and many more in Friend’s logo. The “Friends” illustration was one of the brand’s most recognizable designs and is now an important part of VLONE’s history.

Shoes and Hats

Vlone also has a huge collection of branded accessories. You can easily shop your favorite accessories online via their website. They have an amazing collection of shoes. From black and white high-top to low-top, you’ll find it all. Moreover, you can find V-shaped hats including Style Big V, Knit Hat, Vlone Washington DC, and wear them on a sunny day.


Despite its reputation as a cultural leader, VLONE remains selective and elusive with its releases, which often take a long time between drops, adding to the lust for the brand among its fans. The brand has a popular history, thus, you can have a great chance to explore fashion. Head over to their website and shop online today.

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