Passover Hotel Programs are Expanding This Year

There was a time when Passover Programs were very difficult to find. People celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover were forced to do so at home because hotels and motels did not engage in Pesach friendly stays.

I am very happy to report that Passover hotel programs are expanding this year. In 2022 you will find more Pesach Programs at an increased number of hotels and resorts around the world. The ability to celebrate the holiday at a vast number of locations has increased.

Around the World Accommodations

If you want to travel during Pesach 2022 you have accommodations around the world that offer Pesach friendly environments. You can literally travel to any location and find a hotel that is prepared for your unique needs and requirements. 

Passover Hotel programs are available in Europe, Canada, Jamaica, the United States, the Bahamas, Israel and around the world. If you want to go somewhere tropical and warm there are programs available, and if you want to go to a cooler destination there are plenty available. The world is truly your oyster and all you have to do is decide on a location to visit.

Passover Programs

When you travel and engage in a Passover program you get more than just a room to stay in. A Passover program offers:

Seder Celebrations

The Seder meal is the most important meal of the Pesach holiday. Jewish observers know the importance of this meal and the importance of each symbolic food, prayer and recitation. A Passover program will offer guests the chance to celebrate their seder with a group of people, or privately as just a family. Everyone has the opportunity to observe the first night of the holiday week in the manner they prefer.

Local attractions to visit:

The majority of Passover programs are established at resorts and hotels that are in close proximity to local attractions that tourist want to visit. Passover is a religious holiday for the Jewish observers, but that does not mean that everything the observers see and do are religiously motivated.

Passover vacations include activities that the people find fun and entertaining.

Entertainment at the Hotel or Resort

The hotel or resort that offers the Pesach program will more than likely have entertainment scheduled for the guests. They may hire professional singers and entertainment to keep the guests happy. Offer the shows and entertainment prices are included in the package price of the program.


Most hotels and resorts that offer Passover programs understand that the children who accompany their parents and grandparents need to be entertained and cared for when the adults want to go out. The hotels usually arrange for someone to provide childcare so adults can go out to dinner or out to see a show without the children.

Children activities and activities to entertain and amuse teens are usually part of the program features. The activities for the children and teens normally include some religious teaching and celebrations as well as activities that the kids will simply find to be fun.

Food that is Kosher

One of the most important things about Passover is the adherence to diet restrictions during the week. The programs at the hotels and resorts will have Jewish leaders advising them on what foods can be served so the people staying with them will be able to relax and enjoy their stay.

Why the Increase in Passover Participation?

One of the main reasons why a larger number of resorts and hotels are offering Pesach programs is because the Jewish observers are starting to make it known that they do celebrate and they want the ability to celebrate using their customs. Hotels management services have realized that during the week of Passover there are ample numbers of people who want to take vacations and still observe their religious holiday with traditional services.

Being able to offer guests the things they want plus extras they did not know they wanted is the way for an establishment to remain profitable and keep their doors open. Passover Programs are being offered by some of the best hotels in the world.

There are five-star establishments creating the perfect experiences for their Jewish guests during this holiday time. The hotels are hiring renowned chefs to prepare food that is both acceptable to the celebration and delicious.

Everything that needs to be removed from the premises to keep the holiday within the guidelines of the Jewish faith is removed. These programs take preparation very seriously and they always have a local Rabbi and Jewish advisor helping them create the perfect experiences for the guests they will serve.

A Final Thought

It is time to stop just staying home during Passover week. It is time to get out, see the world, experience everything there is, and still celebrate with reverence and respect.


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