Person to Person Delivery Services Apps

We have seen different delivery services like food delivery, letter delivery, and online product delivery. In this blog, we have talked about one new delivery service that is Person to Person delivery service.

With the help of this delivery service, customer can also deliver their own product to their friend’s house with the help of this service. If you have something that you want to send to your friend, but you don’t want to visit their house to avoid traffic and pollution, then you can take help of this Person To Person delivery service. Anything can be delivered through these apps like documents, grocery, alcohol, etc. in this blog; we have mentioned the best Person To Person delivery app and their benefits.

1.      Dunzo

It is an application-based service from where users hire people who will work as a partner who will pick and drop users requested product. User will instruct that person about what to pick or drop from where and that partner will complete the task. It is one of the easiest ways to avoid traveling and traffic. You can also use this application if you want to buy anything from the market and don’t know the exact location from where you will get that thing. It is a huge task for you, but using Dunzo, user only needs to set up tasks on the app, and the application will automatically analyze the best store for you and the best partner to do that task. The partner is selected based on their credit rating of the user, location, job history, etc.


  • Once the partner and user are paired, you can add or cancel or edit the task.
  • You can add a picture of the product you want to the task.
  • Body cameras to enhance the user’s experience. Now they can track the partner better.

2.      Swiggy Genie

In this pandemic, Swiggy came up with a new exciting app called Swiggy Genie, an absolute service to get anything pickup and delivery. You can find this service under their grocery section to pick up groceries from local store and delivered them to your doorstep. It also allows pick up and drop service packages from anywhere you want across the city.  One can even send a lunch box from this application; it is very easy to use as it has easy to understand the menu.


  • They promise to deliver the package in 40 minutes maximum.
  • There is no restriction on order value; one can order anything they want in whatever quantity.
  • You can track the delivery person’s live location using the live tracker.

3.      Rapido

Rapido has stepped into something new this time from being a taxi service now it has launched a new person to person delivery service. Here customers can request pick and drop food packages, medicine, grocery from local stores—Rapido charge ₹ 35 for 2KM of travel. But if you are a first time user, then you can apply Radio First Ride Coupon to availupto50% discount on your first delivery. This offer is valid for 5 kg or less than 5 kg of the package’s weight.


  • Customers can track their orders through an Order Tracking URL link, shared with them through a message.
  • Rapido Company is now operating with local stores along with online stores.

4.      DoorDash

It is an amazing food delivery application on DoorDash you will find your favorite local and national restaurants to order food. It is an American food delivery service they charge very less fee for delivery. DoorDash users can save up to 10% or 20% on every order applying coupons and offers. The tagline of this application is “While the doors may be closed, the kitchens are open for delivery”. They have super supporting customer service and helpline. One of the best things is they take feedback seriously.


  • Using this application, you can help local restaurants and empower local businesses.
  • Food delivery of this app is speedy and safe.

5.      Postmates

The main focus of this app is to deliver anything that the user wants. This application is not only to deliver food products but also grocery and many other things. This app is first ever app that delivers alcohol to your doorstep. Postmate is one of the reputed delivery applications that Uber has also offer to associate with them. This is a simple app anyone can use easily as it has an understandable menu and is not complicated. One can use their GPS location for pickup and delivery.


  • The partners and resources of this application are curated directly from your feedback.
  • They will help you to track the delivery partner with the help of a live tracker.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support service for the customers.

6.      Meratask

If you want your documents, gifts, wedding card, or anything to be delivered somewhere, then try the Meratask app. It is one of the best applications for pick up and drop service. But on this app, you can only make a booking till 6 PM so that they can deliver your belonging on the same day. You need to register yourself on this app and complete the booking after that app automatically sends you a confirmation message on your phone. This is used mostly by Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, people.


  • Person to Person delivery service is affordable, and it saves your time and energy.
  • There is no risk of any damage; the tasker does their job very patiently.


In this blog, we have listed the Person to Person delivery app. That is the most convenient option to deliver something from one place to another in just a few hours. Using these applications, you can save your time and energy; these delivery services are very affordable; anyone can afford this. And many apps like Rapido and many more are giving a discount, offer, and coupon codes where you can save money also. Many apps are active in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune like metro cities. I hope you like this blog and find it informative.

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