Post Covid19 Travel: Safest countries to visit in Asia

Slowly and with squinty eyes, countries are opening up to foreign travel, for sure. However, every country has its own norms and procedure that needs to be adhered to, if you wish to travel to a county post COVID-19. If you plan to explore Asia, then there are countries that are quite safe to travel to. We have compiled a list of a few Asian countries, that are safe to visit post COVID-19. 


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Maldives is an archipelagic state that is located in Indian Ocean; the place is a 26 atolls chain that is stretched across 90,000 kms area (including sea area). These are the geographical facts about the place, but as far as it being a tourist destination is concerned, it is nothing less than heaven on earth! Maldives is full of beautiful resorts where you can easily spend some free time. It is quite safe to visit this place because of the country’s policy of ‘one island one resort’. If you are a guest at a resort you are allowed in otherwise you cannot even visit the island! 


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Singapore is a city-island- country that had taken strong measures amid pandemic, and has been applauded internationally for it. Singapore is an urban destination and if you like the vibe of a developed nation, then this place has a lot to offer to you. You can do the city tour (my personal favourite is hop-on-hop-off), check out Gardens by the Bay, night safari, Sentosa Island, etc. While you are in Singapore, do not miss out on checking Marina Bay Sands and sipping a drink at one of the roof-top restaurants. 


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Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that has an international vibe to it. People from across the globe visit this place and unwind their thoughts. You can enjoy island hopping (James Bond Island is a must visit!), street shopping and age-old temples at the place. As per the health security assessment done on 195 countries by Global Health Security Index, Thailand has been ranked as one of the safest travelling destinations in Asia. Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok are some of the popular touristy destinations, that you must not miss while exploring Thailand. Need some extra discounts book your flight tickets via cheapair, make sure to use the promo code at checkout. 


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Vietnam is a land of esthetic culture, captivating nature and astounding history. This place has a lot to offer to its visitors, in terms of different landscapes and picturesque coastline. The best way to explore this would be to hire a bike on rent, and go on drive on Ho Chi Minh trail; you can check out Hanoi city, on route to the trail. Another destination that you can check out is Ha Long Bay; this is a limestone island with beautiful seascape. The country has responded very strongly to the COVID-19 situation, and its health response is worth praising. You can definitely visit this country without any kind of insecurities in mind. 


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When we talk about travelling to Japan, our minds instantly go to the majestic landmark of the country, Mount Fuji. But there is much more to this country of 7000 islands (almost). You can check out Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Island Shrine of Itsukushima and Historic Nara: The Temple City. Having said that, if you want to experience the 1000 years of untouched Japanese culture, then you need to pay your visit to Kyoto; Landmarks like Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace and Golden Pavilion is a must visit. Japan has been ranked 16th in health & hygiene conditions of a country, globally. It is quite safe to visit this place. 


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Bhutan is a Himalayan Kingdom that was quite successful in averting the harsh effects of COVID-19 crisis. Bhutan reported almost no fatalities because of the ongoing pandemic. If you are up for going into nature’s lap, then you must visit Bhutan. More than 70 % of the country is covered with forest, which makes Bhutan the only country with negative carbon footprint score. Bhutan is a good destination for adventure travellers, family vacations and honeymoon tours. 

South Korea

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South Korea has given Kimchi and K-pop to the world, and there is so much more to be discovered in this part of the world. South Korea has a rich culture and history that is kind of hidden from the rest of the world (though it has started to shine in recent times!). South Korea is a blend of tradition & modern, and you will find the traces of it in the country’s food, streets, cities and people. You will need to be fully vaccinated if you wish to visit this country (vacation- no vacation, you anyways should be fully vaccinated by now!). You will have a wonderful experience visiting to this country, with your family and/or friends. 


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