Purpose of men’s footwear and their types

Nowadays, footwear is not only worn to protect the legs but also for various other purposes. They add the final touch for the fashion you are trying to bring out. When you say men’s footwear, the first thing we remember is the shoes. Shoes come in various types, and each kind helps for different functions. Shoes are becoming more and more popular, and manufacturers are finding means to attract people. For example, if you are a sports enthusiast with love for unique collectables, you can add rare Jordan sneakers from Nike to your collection. Like said before, footwear is improving year after year as we have all the equipment and materials to make them attractive and better than ever. 

Types of men’s footwear 

Despite covering only 5% of your body, shoes stand as a style statement for your overall appearance. Choose footwear that is both functional and stylish. Furthermore, there are many types of footwear depending on the dress and purpose they are worn. Checkout Harry Styles Merchandise for great stuff.

Oxfords are nothing but shoes with lace that are worn below the ankle. Oxfords are classified into bluchers and Balmoral, based on the lacing systems. Balmorals are simple styles of shoes with a closed lacing system. They are simple yet classy, and every man must have a Balmoral to wear with suits. On the other hand, bluchers come in many styles and color ranges. They are suitable for both formal and casual dressing.

Saddle shoes:

This is another type of oxford shoe with a layer of leather on the top that is of a different color than the rest of the body. These casual shoes are classy and stylish. 


These shoes were mainly used for wearing on boats to prevent slipping. But nowadays these shoes are worn generally for the style and look they offer. These shoes usually come in a moccasin style that is best for summer. 


When thinking of casual shoes, the first thing that comes to your mind is sneakers. They are suitable to wear with jeans, shoes, chinos, etc., and they come in a wide variety of colours and styles. 


Loafers are shoes with heavy rubber soles and casual uppers. These shoes fill the gap between casual and formal ones providing maximum comfort at an affordable price range. 


Sandals are the earliest forms of footwear that protect the bottom of the feet with maximal air circulation for the legs. Sandals have thin soles and straps adhering to your feet. Most people prefer sandals for daily use for their comfort and usability. 


Boots are thick shoes that chiefly cover the ankle, foot and sometimes the part below the calf. Wear boots to protect from extreme weather and, there are many types such as high heeled, sports, military, work and equestrian boots.

Sports shoes: 

These shoes are designed especially for different sporting activities for better performance. There are different types of athlete shoes-running shoes, gym, tennis, football, badminton, basketball shoes, etc. There are also limited edition shoes and collectables for sports fanatics. Having rare Jordan sneakers in your collection is a worthy investment as a Rolex watch.

Things to look for before buying a pair of shoes

There are certain things to look for before investing in shoes.


It is always better to invest in high-quality shoes instead of buying substandard shoes every year. Moreover, lower-quality shoes are less comfortable and made with cheap raw materials. So instead of purchasing low-quality shoes, it is a wise decision to go for superior quality shoes that can save you a lot of money in the long run. 


Always buy shoes suitable for the occasion and outfit you wear. Every footwear has a purpose, and many people make mistakes in choosing the right one for the occasion. Wearing shoes other than their purpose is fine as long as they are still pertinent. 

Proper fit: 

Always buy shoes with the proper size, width and proper fit because these factors are responsible for your all-day comfort.

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