Seven Important Factors to Consider When Picking an HOA Management Company

One of the toughest decisions HOA boards have to make is to choose an association manager. Once the HOA makes a choice, it will be locked into a year or contract or longer. That is why the board must their homework first before they make their final choice. It is important to consider the following before choosing one of the many phoenix hoa management companies out there:

Service Rate

When hiring any service, the price is always a determining factor when making a decision. But, the board has to ensure they know the inclusions in the price they are quoted. They must compare rates by comparing the services several companies offer and their reputation when it comes to customer service. A company’s service rate is worth the cost if they have what it takes to get the job done right for you.  

How the Company Will Bill the HOA

As the board explores the possible costs, they should ask about how and when the management company will bill the association. They should better understand the value of every service and any possible fees that the company may charge. 

How They Do their Job

A lot of HOA management companies cannot complete a job promptly or satisfactorily. If a community is having issues with certain duties, the board must ask how the management company would approach the situation. 

It is imperative to hire a management company with a specialty that aligns with a community’s needs. For instance, if a community has amenities such as clubhouses, the board must ensure the company is familiar with and has experience in handling these amenities. The best company to work with can help bring a community’s dream into reality.

Additional Resources

Usually, to get a job done on time and under budget, it is important to know the right vendors and contractors to seek help from. When interviewing management companies, the board must about their partners and whether they can help offer discounted services for their community projects.

The Way they Will Communicate with the Board

To maintain a good relationship with an HOA, an HOA management company should maintain open communication. Ask about how frequently it will communicate with the board and what communication tools and channels they use. Will the board be able to talk to someone from the company after business hours, if necessary?

Knowledge HOA Regulations and Law

Because the majority of HOA boards are composed of part-time volunteers, the board must hire a management company that can industry knowledge to the table. This includes rules, laws, and regulations that could impact the community as well as the roles and responsibilities of the association. 


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