Significance Of Wearing Nose Pins In India

Nose piercing is an essential custom followed in India by certain groups of Hindu women. It is worn by both married and unmarried women, and the significance of wearing it varies from place to place. There are many beliefs and myths in Indian culture about the necessity and advent of nose rings. But it is also stated in history that this custom originated in the Middle East and was practiced in India during the 16th century during the Mughal era. Besides all these, there are also few health benefits associated with piercing the nose, and this scientific reason behind it makes it take a deep root in India. 


Benefits of Piercing Nose

Nose piercing is a mandatory custom in few regions of India, and whatever may be the story, the science behind it is:

  • Nose piercing is a type of acupuncture that will improve the immunity of the body. But it is effective with gold metal as it is known to purify the air that we breathe, aiding with building a strong immunity in the system.
  • Piercing the nose is a remedy for respiratory problems, and using a metal like gold gives better results. 
  • It is seen to regulate female vitality and is therefore considered of great importance in most Indian households. Owing to this piercing, the latest nose designs in gold are seen to help and make childbirth easy. 
  • According to studies piercing the nose is seen to benefit mental health and create peace of mind. This is because the prick in the nose will regulate the stability of the brain. It is also stated that the left nose piercing is seen to cause confidence and concentration. 
  • The left nostril is linked with female reproductive organs, and thereby piercing it will help extensively in conceiving and making labor easy. 
  • There is a node on the nostril, and piercing this node will lessen the pain during the menstrual cycle.
  • Nose piercings are done by women who do not give much thought to religion, tradition, and culture. Here it is considered a fashion accessory, and the reason is that it simply elevates the look by acting as a style statement to create an edge to the personality. 
  • There is a belief that the direct air from the wife, when exhaled by the husband, is seen to affect his health. Hence when a woman wears a nose stud made of pure metal like gold, it obstructs the direct air and does not cause any harm to the husband. This is a superstition but is very popular in Easter parts of India.
  • Women cannot be hypnotized or seduced when they wear a nose ring. This is another strongly believed fact among Indians.
  • The religious benefit that is associated with piercing the nose is that it is a way of worshipping Goddess Parvathi. There is also a strong belief associated with it that when women wear nose rings at their wedding ceremony, Goddess Parvathi being the goddess of marriage, will bless them abundantly. 


Being a part of Indian tradition, it is a compulsory ornament, but in recent times it has been worn as a fashion accessory to escalate the look. However, it cannot be denied that it deepens the feature by creating an illusion as though the nose is narrow, thereby improving the beauty of the wearer. There are many reasons to wear nose pins, and one can check here for different patterns and types in them. The primary reason to wear them is that it makes a person look more beautiful, expresses the individual personality, indicates Indian culture, denotes commitments, and covers up the women’s desires. 

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