Solution for problems when installing Plugins in WordPress

Solution for problems when installing Plugins in WordPress

It is easy to know why you cannot add or install Plugins in WordPress.  Factors like not having access to install Plugins, using free WordPress from etc. can cause this issue. Here are some methods you can use to solve this problem.

  • Using free Blog:

The main factor due to which one cannot install or add Plugins is because they may be using the free version of Blog, which does not allow you to install Plugins. You can only use the Plugins that are already available.

Upgrading the plan, is helpful to install or add the Plugins in your blogs. Upgrading allows you to install the Plugins to your sites easily.

        How to identify:

If you see URL like this, you are using free Word Blog. This can be resolved by upgrading it to other business plans as said earlier.

Another option is to change your Blog from to self hosted blog, which allow you to have a full control over it. Blue Host can be for hosting websites is used for setting up self hosted WordPress Blog.

  • Multi Site Networks:

Though using Multi site network, you can have the same problem as Blog. The Plugins should be only installed by the admin and should be only activated to the whole network. So that they will only be available to use in Multi Site Network installation of WordPress.

  • Permission to install Plugins:

WordPress only comes with 5 user role that is by default. Administrator privileges can only install or activate plugins, no one else has the authority to install or activate Plugins.

You must know whether you are logged in as administrator or not. Go to WordPress Admin area and look for Admin Menus if they are available or not. Options like Appearance, Plugins, Tools, User’s settings are not there, then you are not logged in as Administrator of your WordPress Blog or website. Developer of the credentials can help you in this matter.

But if you are logged in as Administrator and Admins Menu lists are shown then there is no issue with the permission, it is the Memory Limitation problem.

  • Memory limitations:

If you are not able to install Plugins and you are on self hosted WordPress, most probably it is a PHP Memory Limit issue. This can be solved by increasing the PHP Memory limit or by searching for the Plugin which is taking up most of the memory of hosting account. 

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