The Amazing Lady Gaga Solo Albums Ranked

If a person is considered an icon in the pop music industry, it is definitely Lady Gaga. And if there are concert tickets that sell out faster than they are Lady Gaga tickets. 

Lady Gaga became a global music phenomenon because of her music and her stage appearance, performance, music videos, fashion style, and singing abilities. You can say without a doubt that she is the best pop singer today. 

Another thing that makes her amazing is that she focuses on her music, and she is not like other musicians that release an album often. Gaga works hard every time she wants to release a new album, and here we will see all Lady Gaga albums ranked from worst to the finest. There is no such thing as a bad Gaga album, but we will try to see which is the best one. So let’s get into it. 

The Fame

This is Lady Gaga’s debut album from 2008, and commercially it definitely was a success since it sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. ‘’The Face’’ put her on the pop music industry map, and it announced to the whole world that a new singing star was born. 

Her first album was recorded from 2006 to 2008 and proved that Gaga likes to be precise when recording. Songs like ‘’Poker Face’’ and ‘’Paparazzi’’ were hit songs right away, and even with her debut album, she showed that fans would hurry up to get some Lady Gaga concert tickets and witness the performance of songs live.

On the downside, this album is ranked worst of all solo albums because the production is a little bit of an older music style, which is also pop but something that was mainly popular in the 80s. 


Her latest album is titled ‘’Chromattica’’, and now fans don’t even ask how much are Lady Gaga tickets going to be; they try to buy them as soon as possible when she announces a new concert tour.  

This is a good album, and it is a commercial type of music, which is not necessarily bad since it is logical to have such an album when a pandemic hits and everyone can listen to it only at home. Gaga proved once again that she could bring the best out of every situation. 

The problem with this album is that there are not many new things, but it is still an excellent album. 

The best part is that she made exciting collaborations on this album with Elton John for ‘’Sine from Above’’, with Ariana Grande for ‘’Rain on Me’’, and with Blackpink for ‘’Sour Candy’’.


‘’Artpop’’ is her third studio album that was released in 2013, and one of the reasons why it is so good is the mix of music genres from EDM, synth-pop, techno, to genres like industrial, dubstep and R&B. Of course, all that collides with the basics of pop music.

The name of the album says it all, and maybe this album best describes Gaga because of her pop and art side. Her best single from ‘’Artpop’’ is probably ‘’Applause’’ and the most significant part is that Gaga brought something new to the industry.

The only song that didn’t stay on the streaming services was the collaboration with R. Kelly on ‘’Do What You Want’’ since Gaga removed it after R. Kelly was accused of sexual assault and misconduct in the documentary ‘’Surviving R. Kelly’’. Nevertheless, all the other songs proved that this is one of the best Gaga albums.


‘’Joanne’’ was released in 2016, and critics labelled it as country music, but this is not so true since Gaga again made a great mix of country, rock, pop, folk, gospel, cabaret, and everything in between. 

Gaga collaborated on ‘’Hey Girl’’ with Florence Welch and once again proved that she can do whatever she wants with her music since she is a highly talented singer.

It is interesting to notice that Gaga didn’t include the dance-pop genre that she has on all of her albums, and that is also a reason why she constantly surprises her audience in a good way and doesn’t copy styles from one album to another. 

Born This Way

Last but not least, if there was an album when fans didn’t care if they would buy Lady Gaga tickets Chicago or Lady Gaga Houston tickets, this is the one. Instead, everyone wanted to have access to a Gaga live performance.

‘’Born This Way’’ is her second album; the singles ‘’Judas’’ and ‘’Born This Way’’ remain among her greatest songs ever. This album established her as a mainstream pop icon, and it sold around 6 million copies worldwide at a time when people more and more started to listen to music online, which is a huge success. 

It had post-modern electro sounds, power ballads, and even dance metal, and if a singer knows how to perform a mix of music styles, it is Lady Gaga.


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