The Future of Snowboarding Through Design Thinking

When the first snowboard came into existence, it was nothing more than a modified sled made by a 13-year old in 1917. The kid, Vern Wicklund, later patented the idea almost two decades later but manufactured only a few models.

The real magic happened in 1972 when Dimitije Milovich added steel edges, laminated fibreglass, and nylon straps for one’s feet to the snowboard. This was around the time the first snowboard company was founded.

With redefined the on-mountain culture, snowboards and equipment like snowboard boots, jackets, gear, etc., have come a long way. Read on to know more about the next upcoming breakthrough in the snowboarding industry.

What’s Next for Snowboards?

If you are an avid snowboarder, there probably isn’t anything you hate more than strapping your snowboard boots to the board. Strapping on your boots takes a lot of effort and is highly time-consuming. This is only done to ensure that they are strapped in correctly.

With the estimated snowboarding participant growth rate of 20% per year in Australia, it is time to switch gears and bring something new to the table.

Say hello to StepOn, where all the snowboarder has to do is step on the bindings, and the boots will strap on automatically. StepOn solves two significant woes.

Firstly, StepOn will significantly reduce the time taken to connect and disconnect your boots from your board. Secondly, you wouldn’t have to watch out for as many sitting snowboarders between the slope and the ski-lift descent, trying their best to secure their boots to the board.

How Does StepOn Work?

StepOn makes securing your snowboard boots to your board a piece of cake. Essentially, it is a strapless binding system that connects your boots to the board through three connection points (one at the heel and two by the toe).

Just step on the binding system with your boots on, and voila! StepOn does the rest for you. StepOn eliminates the need to bend over to strap your boots on and off. The entire process has become straightforward, paired with an equal degree of safety and control.

Moreover, the Dual Zone Boa System (a lace-less and strapless system) makes it easy to adjust your comfort and control level. On top of that, universal compatibility allows the system to work with all existing boards and mounting systems.

To disengage, all you have to do is pull a quick-release lever, which enables easy in and out. Once the system is cleared, the lock is reset instantly to allow a hands-free entry.

This technology has the calibre to change the sport once and for all, with the StepOn system being well received widely. They were initially introduced in launch events in the snow, but StepOn was launched at the US Open Snowboarding event after much appreciation. After four years of work, StepOn is now ready to take the snowboarding world by storm.

To Conclude

Necessity is the mother of innovation, which is true even in this case. It wouldn’t have taken ethnographic research to realise that the most significant pain points with current snowboards are the inconvenience and loss of time in strapping your snowboard boots.

With StepOn, no need to waste your time and energy in strapping. Simply connect and get going!

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