TikTok will allow users to publish longer videos

At first, only selected users could post videos lasting up to three minutes.

The social network TikTok has developed an update that will allow users to post videos lasting up to three minutes, which is three times the current limit of videos. The extension will allow users to no longer divide their video stories into several parts, writes The Verge. This update can help creators increase audience engagement, meaning more likes, views, and eventually more followers.

It is reported that the threeminute videos have been tested since December last year, they could be found while scrolling through content from the most popular creators of TikTok, especially in the culinary category. However, long videos were available to selected users, and in a few weeks they will be available to all users of the social network.

Earlier, It was written that the social network TikTok will be able to delete up to 100 comments at once. This is how the platform helps users fight online harassment. An update with bulk comment removal was released on May 20. Initially, it will be available for individual countries, and in a few weeksfor the whole world.

Remember that TikTok has expanded parental control capabilities. What has changed?

The parental control function does not give parents access to the child’s personal messages.

The TikTok social network has expanded the functions of parental control to protect children from unwanted content. This is stated in the company’s blog.

According to the report, the Family Settings tool has been updated. The social network says that now parents will be able to support children in their creative endeavors and protect them from unwanted content and attention in TikTok. Make your video viral and buy tiktok fans to become famous.

After the new updates, parents will be able to:

  • forbid your child to search for videos, users, hashtags, or music. Only subscribed content will be available;
  • decide who can comment on the child’s video: all users or just subscribers ;
  • determine who can see the account;
  • restrict other users from seeing videos that the child likes.

At the same time, the parental control function does not give parents access to the child’s personal messages.

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In April, TikTok allowed parents to limit the time children spend on social media and specify the type of content that will be shown to them.

It will be recalled that TikTok topped the ranking of the most popular mobile applications in October 2020. TikTok was the most downloaded in China and Brazil. These two countries account for 22% of the application download.

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