Top B2B SEO Strategies to Drive Business Growth

As a business in the digital age, it’s imperative to maintain an effective SEO strategy. In order to drive business growth, consider some of the most effective tips for B2B SEO efforts.

1. Research Keywords

Google is a powerful search engine. It provides answers to the questions people have. At the very core, all of the businesses have fundamental questions that need answers. Your job is to get to the heart of the questions they would ask in order to determine which keywords they would use to find your content.

In order for your business to show up as one of the top results as an answer to a company’s question, you need to know which keywords they would use. Use extensive keyword tools in order to uncover short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords and phrases. Research in order to make sure you find and use the options with the least amount of traffic or competition. When you don’t have much competition in a specific keyword, you can curate and create quality content that makes your content rise to the top of the search engines. Using the services of a B2B SEO Agency can be extremely effective in helping you pinpoint the most optimal options to use.

2. Study the Competition

Consider your competitors. While you don’t want to emulate every single thing you see them do, you need to be aware of what they are doing in order to win in their specific space. Be mindful of the keywords they’re using by putting in different combinations of keywords in order to see the content they’ve created. Once you get a better understanding of their content strategy and how it’s working for them, that can inform your approach regarding how to make your business content different, effective and competitive as well.

In addition to using the Google search engine to discover how your competition ranks in certain keywords, it’s a great idea to use YouTube, Pinterest and other social media platforms in order to discover how their content ranks on those platforms as well. All of the social media platforms provide their own sense of search engine optimization. When a company has all of these platforms working in its favor, this can lead to a really powerful strategy when it comes to ranking and dominating in a specific field.

3. Create Informative, Captivating Content

Once you’re clear on the keywords you need to use in order to decrease your competition and you’re aware of the competitors’ strategies, begin to create and publish highly informative, captivating content. Use a multifaceted approach to creating content.

With the rise of platforms like TicToc, platforms like Instagram and YouTube created their own iterations of short-form content (Reels and Shorts, respectively). A lot of media platforms understand the power of short-form content. Many consumers now have shorter attention spans so you need to work to get the content out in a succinct yet captivating manner. As you use short-form content to capture attention and quickly develop credibility, create long-form content to engage users on the backend. Long-form content still has a place in the content creation conversation. Whether you’re creating blog posts, YouTube videos or podcasts, find ways to create long-form content that’s both informative and intriguing enough to show your businesses your company has the solutions to their problems.

4. Label Videos and Images Correctly

Whether you’ve made a YouTube video or a blog post, you’ll always want to include images in your content creation strategy. As you create images, embed the keywords into the names of the images as you save them and upload them to the various platforms. Google’s search engine recognizes the keywords when you place them in the images and will help to rank those images and content higher up in the search engines.

Consider the example of a stock photo. If you download a stock image for an upcoming blog post, before you upload the image into your blog post, rename the image and include the keyword in that name. If you’re using a long-tail keyword phrase, place an underscore in between each word of the phrase and save that JPEG file. Then, as you upload it, it’ll be saved with the keyword phrase. Once it’s published, Google can recognize it as a credible source of information and rank it higher in the search engines.

In order to connect with other businesses, your company needs to be visible. With so many competitors on the internet, it might seem impossible to do. However, with effective SEO strategies, you can uncover a steady flow of business contacts who are ready to use your company’s services.

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