Trade School vs. College: Which is Best for You?

Did you know that in 2018, the unemployment rate for people with recent high school diplomas was 3.9%?

If you’re ready to continue your education, you’ll have to decide between trade school vs. college.

Thankfully, we’re here to help give you all the information you need to decide between the two schools.


How much is trade school? How much is college? These might be the most important questions to ask when looking at options for schools.

College can be very expensive, and the tuition isn’t even one of the hardest parts. You likely won’t have time to work a job, and in order to have a decent lifestyle, you’ll have to make a lot of money. That’s why many students take out loans go into debt.

After you finish your final exam for your last semester, you’ll have to start thinking about getting a job so that you can pay those loans back. And there’s not always a guarantee that you’ll get that job.

However, trade schools can be just as expensive. But one of the benefits of trade schools is that you’ll get on-the-job training so that you’re ready to have a job when you graduate.


When you go to a traditional college, you’ll likely get a four-year Bachelor’s. You can then add another two years to get your Master’s.

Going to college can also give you a lot of great connections and networking opportunities that will help you later on.

A trade school normally awards a diploma or a certificate, but it’s not on the same level as a college degree. However, most of the trade professions only require that certificate.

Starting Salary

This will depend on what you study both in trade school and in college. However, some trades could make you up to $50 an hour. When you compare that to the cost of the trade school and low debt, it seems like a no-brainer.

However, some bachelor’s degrees can also set you up for employment in an industry where you need them.

Life Skills

Both college and trade schools will give you life skills, but in college, students tend to end up focusing more on their GPA.

With trade school, you’ll actually be able to get hands-on experience and learn how to work with people and solve problems. You’ll take courses that are specific to your vocation, and they prepare you for the industry that you want to go into.

Unlike college courses, trade schools are there to help prepare you for the real world. This can also make it easier to find a job once you graduate.

Discover More About Trade School vs. College

These are only a few differences between trade school vs. college, but there are many more things to consider.

Figuring out how to choose schools can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be!

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