VULMS Complete Guidelines for Students

VULMS Guidelines for Students

VULMS short for Virtual University Learning Management System is an all-inclusive online platform that provides the virtual university students with the easiest means to manage their educational tasks and activities including uploading assignments, watching video lectures, and monitoring personal and academic records, etc. The students of the virtual university can access VULMS both via its web, and application versions: connect with VULMS either by visiting or by downloading its application from the play store. 

Well, this is just a precise introduction of what the IT professionals of the virtual university has developed and designed for the upgradation and amelioration of the educational experience. Let’s move ahead to grab a hold on a detailed account of VULMS.

What is the Virtual University Learning Management System ( VULMS )? 

As the name depicts the Virtual University Learning Management System facilitates the students of the virtual university to access, manage, and optimize their learning experience: study in a virtual classroom; download/upload assignments; take quizzes; make study groups; ask teachers for assistance, and guidance; make sticky notes; view, and update personal information; keep tabs on the fee record as well as download fees vouchers while sitting at your home. 

As a student of the virtual university, whatever your needs are, the VULMS suffices to fulfil them. From taking online classes, joining group discussions, uploading assignments, and taking quizzes, the VULMS allows you to keep tabs on your progress as well. Not only you can connect with this platform to study online but also monitor your educational tasks and activities: it provides you with an account of how well you are doing, and how much work you have left undone or delayed as well. 

When you login to VULMS, what you’ll be able to access and manage includes:

  • Course Contents
  • Online Classes/Quizzes
  • Assignments 
  • Graded Discussion Board
  • Moderate Discussion Board
  • Team Discussion Board 
  • Notifications/Announcements 
  • Activity Log
  • Student Account Section 

Isn’t it useful and helpful enough? Indeed, it is. 

Want to know more about it? Keep reading to grab a hold on a detailed account of how you can access and use VULMS.

However, before providing you with an account of VULMS login method, we would like to apprise you about the features of this virtual learning management system. So, have a look below! 

Features and Benefits of VU-LMS

The benefits of VULMS can be marked by outlining its features as discussed below. 

VULMS allows the students of the virtual university to:

  • Watch Audio/Video Lectures
  • Get Online Books, Notes & Documents, etc
  • Download/Upload Assignments 
  • Take Online Classes/Quizzes 
  • Online Group Study/Discussions
  • Ask For Teachers’ Assistance 
  • Monitor and Update Personal Information 
  • Keep Tabs on Academic and Fee Records 
  • View and Download Fees Vouchers 
  • View Lecture Schedules 
  • Get Past Papers, Assignments, Quizzes & Notes, etc
  • Keep Tabs on Study Progress 
  • Maintain a Personal Diary
  • Make Sticky Notes 

All of the above-mentioned features are exactly what makes the VULMS an all-inclusive study platform that not only allows the students to connect with their university, and virtual classrooms but also manage various educational tasks and activities without visiting the university. In simple words, VU LMS provides you remote access to your virtual classroom or we say, your department: you can take online classes, have group discussions with your classmates, upload assignments, take your teachers’ help, monitor your personal and academic information and much more. 

Indeed, this learning management system is the best initiative taken by the virtual university to assist and aid their students in terms of the betterment of their learning processes. No doubt that it has transformed the virtual learning pedagogy into a physical classroom: the students are now able to access, manage, and control tasks and activities related to their study from home. 

Now, let’s move ahead to know how you can access, and use VU-LMS.

VULMS Login: How Does it Work?

You require an ID and Password given by the university to access it. VU-LMS is a digital platform that has been designed to cater to the needs of the virtual university students, and resolve their issues instantly. So, about the working of VU-LMS, when you visit VULMS site or connect with its application software, it requires your student ID/Pass to access your student portal. Once you input your login credentials, it allows you to monitor, manage, and control your educational tasks and activities as discussed in the above sections.

Keep in mind that the login credentials are given by the university management. In case, you forget your ID/Password, you can request for a new one, instantly. 

Now, let’s move ahead to know, you can upload your assignments via VU-LMS. 

How to Upload Assignments on VULMS?

To upload assignments via the VULMS, follow these simple steps: 

STEP 1: Visit VULMS website or open its mobile application 

STEP 2: Input your login credentials 

STEP 3: Tap on the course title of the respective assignment(s) 

STEP 4: Tap on the “New Assignment(s)” button

STEP 5: Press “Submit” button 

STEP 6: Browse and select the assignment file 

STEP 7: Press the “Submit it” button to upload the assignment file 

Once the uploading is complete, “Assignment Submitted Successfully” appears on the screen. 

Now, we would like to apprise you about the method of posting queries related to your lessons on VU-LMS. 

Moderate Discussion Board: Ask Questions, and Get Solutions to Your Problems 

Moderate Discussion Board or MDB provides the virtual university students with the easiest means to post queries relevant to their lessons: you can ask for the solutions to your problems related to the study. 

About how you can post queries on the MDB, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Click on the MDB Tab of the respective course 

STEP 2: Click on the “View” button 

STEP 3: Post your query 

STEP 4: Tap on the “Post Message” Button 

Once you tap on the post message button, your query will be posted, and soon you’ll get the reply.


Our final thoughts on VULMS can be stated as whether it is about taking your virtual class/quizzes; have discussions with your classmate; ask for teachers’ help; view/manage course contents & schedule; view/update personal information or monitor your academic/fee records, you can do anything just by connecting with the virtual university learning management system. It’s a comprehensive learning platform that not only allows you to get education via the internet but also provides you with the easiest means to manage your educational tasks and activities instantly. 


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