What are Disability Employment Services and Who is eligible for it?

Being a PWD (person with a disability) may entail several challenges in finding a stable job or landing a good employment opportunity. With the majority of today’s jobs requiring a fast-paced service, it is often difficult for the vulnerable groups to apply and to be hired. However, creating equal opportunities for these groups has led to a separate program specifically intended to address this concern. To help you learn more about this, here are some of the things you should know about Disability Employment Services:

What is Disability Employment Services?

Disability employment service is a program that helps people with a disability secure a job. This program was created due to the increasing need for equal employment opportunities and the prevailing number of unemployed PWD’s. The Disability Employment Services provide extensive support to those marginalised, disabled, injured, and incapacitated through the assistance of small for-profit and non-profit organisations. Consequently, the said commission program is tasked to orient employers and the workplace about the appropriate approach in workplace-related practices directed in catering the disadvantaged communities. 

Who is Eligible for these Services?

The Disability Employment Services are directed to encompass the needs and queries of the disadvantaged groups like the PWD (person with a disability), injured, incapacitated, marginalised, and disabled. Individuals belonging to these groups, as mentioned above, are classified and prioritised in the programs. They are then given assistance and support in finding a stable long-term job. Additionally, if you have a disabled close friend or an injured family member who wishes to work, then refer them to the nearest disability employment services department. 

DES Reform 2018

There have been numerous changes in the provision of disability employment services, and people who belong to these groups are now given greater freedom to pick the services they would eventually receive. The DES program reform of 2018 has highlighted the improvement of participant control, improvement of incentives for employers who prioritise the disabled jobseeker, and introduction of the indexation provider payments. Intuitively, the modification in these programs has better facilitated easier transition and employment for the said groups and has also encouraged better employer-to-jobseeker relations. The ultimate goal of the reform is to better help people with disabilities find meaningful workplace motivation and assist them in finding long-term employment that understands their conditions. 

DES Provider Panel

The grant application process aims to help those organisations and companies push through with their endeavours if they prioritise people with disabilities. Moreover, the Provider panel aims to help marginalised communities and people with disabilities achieve their potential outcomes utilising referral and employment updates. 

DES Star Ratings

Providers who have kept up their reputation in sustaining developmental employment opportunities for disabled persons are provided with a DES star rating. This rating system helps jobseekers and those enrolled in the DES program assess which provider has the best interest in helping them and which institution received a positive review from the higher department. Those service providers with a 5 (highest) rating are preferred since they have the best rating and reflect good overall performance. If you want to know more about this, you can search for additional information about the program online.

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