What are Fat Burners Made From?

Everyone struggles with their weight-loss journey. If you are tired of not seeing any results, too, you should consider fat-burning supplements to give you a little push. Although, they do not make your fat disappear miraculously.

Fat burners elevate your blood pressure, thus increasing the expenditure of energy in your body. They increase your metabolism and encourage your body to burn more fat for energy. You can buy fat burners at EPHlabs or other online stores. 

If you plan to get started on supplements, it is essential to ensure the highest quality. This helps you avoid any unwanted side effects on your fitness journey. Here is a look at the most common ingredients used in fat burners.

Ingredients in Fat Burners

Research says that every component of a fat burner has its own mechanism of action, and they act together in an additive manner to benefit your body. These supplements can be classified into two categories based on the ingredients used. Take a look. 

With Stimulants

Fat burners with stimulants are considered to be more effective. This is because they provide your body with the extra energy that allows you to have more intense workouts. However, you must use these carefully because your body can easily get addicted to them.


This is a common ingredient in fat burners as it stimulates your nervous system. The thermogenic property of caffeine helps boost metabolism and increase calorie expenditure. They can also enhance your mood and helps reduce your appetite. 

The supplements contain more caffeine than your regular coffee, chocolate, or tea. If you have trouble with staying active all day and tend to give in to fatigue, you should opt for a caffeinated supplement.  

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is known for its health benefits. It also helps you maintain overall good health and metabolism. Green tea extract helps reduce cholesterol, relieve hypertension, and increase energy when used in fat-burning supplements.

All natural fat burners with green tea have shown significant results in helping obese people to lose weight, burn fat, and increase lean body mass. 

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is an herb often found in fat burners. It plays a significant role in boosting metabolism and helping you feel full. It also accelerates calorie burning due to its thermogenic property. Your body ends up using more energy to stabilize its temperature. 

It also increases blood flow to the fatty tissues, boosting the body’s fat-burning capacity. This way, your cells get more oxygen and nutrients, and your overall health improves. 

Indian Ginseng Extract

Indian ginseng is extracted from the roots of the ashwagandha plant found in India. This ingredient primarily increases energy levels and enhances mood and cognitive function. 

It is also known to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cortisol, preventing stress-induced weight gain. 

Without Stimulants

These supplements boost your energy without affecting your sleep schedule. You will have better cognitive functioning and feel more physically active throughout the day. This option is for you if you have been medically prohibited or just do not want to take stimulants.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid you should look for in a stimulant-free fat burner. Not only does it help reduce weight, but it also acts as an antioxidant. It prevents cancer and premature aging, among other diseases. 

Wrapping Up

You must always read the ingredients and nutrition label when buying a supplement. It helps you avoid undesirable side effects and tells you exactly what to expect from your supplement. 

It has become very convenient to buy supplements from online stores like fat burners at EPHlabs. Fat-burning supplements are all the help you need on your weight-loss mission, so do not hold out on your fitness anymore. 

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