What is Front End and Back End?

                   What is Front End and Back End?

Front end and back end are terms which are very popular in the web industry. Though it is very difficult to differentiate between front and back end.

“Web design” and client side are mostly assumed as front end whereas the “Web developing side” or the server side is termed as the back end. It looks like both can be easily differentiated but the difference line between them is not very clear. These guidelines will help you to differentiate between front end and back end.

Front end:

Front end is all what users can see, for instance, the design, languages like HTML or CSS. Digital tutors have courses that are created for front ends and focused on design. Several jobs are related to front end. Many titles are subjective, and web developer mean something at one place and totally different at other place for other company. “Web designer” is a very popular front-end job tittle. Websites are designed by web developers. Web sites can be designed in photoshop or fireworks that will never touch the code by a web designer. On the other hand, web designer can also design a website in photoshop and create all the HTML, CSS or sometimes the JavaScript to go with it.

User Interface (UI) designer is a visual designer with focus on designing. Implementation of design is not their focus, still they know a little HTML and CSS for communication of their ideas to the developers.

User Experience (UX) designer work in the front end and study and do research on hoe people use sites and make changes with the help of testing.

Front end developer without back end development creates sites, but it is s static site.

 A static site is for restaurants or salons, which do not require database to store information. Only changes occur at the time of redesign and remain same for the rest of time. Front end developer should be good in testing and should know about HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Experience in creating design for programs in not necessary. “JavaScript developer” is one of the specific front-end languages,

Back end:

The working side, updates and changes are all the back end or the server side. Databases, servers and all what users cannot see is Back end.  Programmers or developers are the persons that work at the back end. Security, content management and structures are the things which make the programmers and developers worried. Using languages like HTML or CSS is not their basic job. For creating a dynamic site, back end development or back development is essential.

A dynamic site changes and updates time to time. Facebook, Google maps etc. are taken as dynamic sites. The contents of Blogs change constantly, so they are dynamic sites and database is the requirement of a dynamic site. Database stores the basic information like user’s profiles, the pictures they have uploaded. Programming languages like PHP or.Net are used by developers for working with databases. They write a code that communicate with the server and server than notify the browser what to use from database.


It will be now easy for you to differentiate between front end and back end. It is confusing as there are no standards for what is the front end or what is the back end. But still many people working can easily differentiate between the front and back end mostly called as “full stalk developers”. Front end is everything that is related to the browser and all what is send to it. If it receives something to do with database, that is related to back end.

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