What to think about when moving to the United Kingdom

Just like Japan, the United Kingdom is one of the most expensive countries in the world, hosting one of the most expensive cities in the world – the City of London. It’s also a country ripe with opportunity and leisure, so it makes sense that so many people from Japan would want to move there. Here are some of the basics of what you’d need to know about life in the UK, and particularly such cities as London.

Living Costs

The first thing you’d need to know about the UK when relocating from Japan revolves around general living costs. Are they any cheaper than in Japan? Every country has variating food prices, and Both Japan and the UK have among the highest in these terms. Certainly, food prices in the UK aren’t as expensive as they would be in Ireland, Scandinavia or even Sweden, but they’re far more costly than they would be in such countries as Spain, Italy or Germany.

If you’re moving from one of these countries, the higher food prices may come as something of a surprise to you – and they’re only expected to rise in future, given the issues of Brexit. قانون البوكر tippmix hu sportfogadás Imports will be taxed in the future of the UK due to the 2016 Brexit referendum results, and thus it’s likely that the prices of food will only see a rise. Something to keep in mind, when moving to the country. It will only get more expensive.

Something that can come as a personal surprise to people who move to the UK is the fact that amongst the utility payments, you’ll also be paying for water – a utility that you don’t always pay for in other countries. Having said so, I am sure you do pay in Japan.

Renting an apartment or a house

When moving to the UK, the first thing anybody’s going to be looking for is a home. A place to live, be it a house or an apartment. But renting a home in the UK can be a lot more difficult than you originally imagined, if you’ve just moved there from Japan. bukméker szó eredete Cities full of opportunity, such as London, will get more and more expensive the closer you get to the City Centre. In fact, Cost of Living sites such as Numbeo estimate that a single bedroom apartment in London’s City Centre could cost you upwards of £1,700 (1,877€) a month! And that’s not even factoring in the costs of the more expensive 3-bedroom apartments.

You could always just find a place farther away from the City Centre, or better yet – stay away from the City of London. But even then, you ought to know that when renting an apartment or house, the landlords will typically ask to know about your credit score. And if you’ve just moved to the UK from Japan, of course that means you won’t have a credit score. A credit score is a simple record of your debts and such, and as someone who knew little about this aspect of renting when I first moved to the UK, I can tell you now that it’s very important to these landlords. You could always ask them to check your credit records from your own country – wherever you’d come from, but the truth is that half of the landlords you meet won’t be bothered, and will quickly move on to rent the place to somebody with a British credit score. kocsmai nyerőgépes játékok online

Transporting your personal goods from Japan to the UK

If you are moving to the United Kingdom, you will probably be bringing in at least some personal belongings.  It is strongly recommended that you start making preparation for your move early and figure out a way to ship your personal goods. There are some shipping options to choose from depending on the overseas moving company you hire. Some movers handle small shipments which large moving companies do not handle. In fact such moving companies are willing to help you ship your goods even if you are shipping a small mount. If you want to have an idea of the moving expenses and how your goods can be shipped, you can learn more on this page.


It’s a tough thing, to move to the UK from another country like Japan. But nonetheless, I managed to do it, and so did plenty of other people from over the world including Japan. And if it’s really what you dream of, then you can do it too. لعبة روليت مجانيه Just be prepared for higher prices, unexpected utility costs, and pedantic landlords. As long as you have everything in order and know your credit scores, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. كيف تفوز بالروليت

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