What’s the purpose of diabetic socks

High blood sugar can affect your nerves and circulatory system. It can damage your nerves, and you may experience some conditions that can make it hard for you to move around or do physical activities. High blood sugar is also the cause of diabetes. If your nerves are damaged and have a high blood sugar level, the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy, DVT, or edema is higher.

People with diabetes, especially people that have circulatory problems and nerve damage, need to take care of their legs, feet, and ankles, and they need to check on it every day. Diabetic patients benefit a lot from wearing diabetic socks because they are not just regular socks. They make diabetes, especially neuropathy, more manageable.

What’s the purpose of Diabetic socks?

Diabetic socks play a big part in helping diabetic patients control their diabetes and to keep their feet protected. The main purpose of diabetic socks is to improve blood flow. That is why it is especially important for people who have diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is where the nerves in your feet or legs are damaged; different nerve damage can cause different symptoms and different levels of pain. 

If you want to control the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and to prevent other nerve and circulatory problems from occurring, it may be best for you to wear diabetic socks. Diabetic socks keep your feet dry to prevent ulcers and blisters from developing. Diabetic socks are made with a moisture-wicking material. Diabetic socks also provide a cushion in the soles or toes to prevent your feet from getting hurt and to make your feet feel more comfortable. 

Other purposes of diabetic socks are to protect your feet from cuts or injuries. That is also why some diabetic socks offer extra cushions. Some people with diabetes often develop a symptom where their feet feel numb, and it is harder to notice cuts or injuries. When your feet are exposed, your cuts or injuries can be exposed to bacteria that can affect its healing. Diabetic socks also keep fungal infections off your feet.

Benefits of diabetic socks

Here are the benefits of wearing diabetic socks that will help you understand them better and why you should consider wearing them.

  • Cushions feet from friction to prevent ulcers and blisters from developing.
  • They provide mild compression for people with circulatory problems to promote better blood circulation.
  • They are lightweight and breathable, which makes them more comfortable for the person who wears them. The fabric that is used for diabetic socks is designed for comfort.
  • They do not constrict the feet. When your feet are constricted, you can’t breathe properly, and the circulation of blood will be harder.
  • They protect sensitive pressure points in your feet.
  • Most diabetic socks are made with lightweight fabric and white material so that you can easily see if your foot is injured.
  • It has moisture-wicking material that doesn’t make your feet sweaty and will prevent foot odor.
  • Wearing them will prevent amputation.

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