Why Do you need a logo for your business?

We might have seen that – every business has a unique logo of its own. But what is a logo? To speak of a logo, in the simple-most term – it is a printed symbol or design that a company/ brand/ organization is recognised by its customers. It tends to set one company apart from its competitors or some fake brands and helps its customers to identify them correctly. For e.g. you may have seen Archies (one of the most popular manufacturers of gifts for all occasions and return gifts across various continents) logo. The brand name is written in red and white colours with a heart covering the letter “A”. It’s quite simple or straight-forward though, but over the years, people have recognised it. But the question is – why do we need a logo for our business? To answer this question, we have listed a few significant reasons to provide you with a better insight into why creating a logo is important. Let’s take a look at the following points.

  • Grabs Attention – Probably, one of the first things which grab your customer’s attention is a logo. It communicates your brand’s core values in the most appealing yet interesting manner. If you have 5 minutes to impress your customers with your brand, make sure to design an attention-seeking brand logo.
  • Makes A Strong First Impression – We bet, the first time you saw a new brand, you had its brand logo and then probably its name on your mind. With your logo, you tend to make a strong first impression which communicates ownership of your brand products immediately and tend to dominate over other brands. Your brand logo introduces your brand to your go-getter customers.
  • Builds The Foundation Of Brand Identity – Like said earlier, people identify your brand with the help of your brand logo. Some people who are looking to purchase the best gift for boys and girls would identify Archies products from its brand logo. The colour, font size and type will set your brand logo apart from others. It is one of the most selling marketing strategies that every business owner takes into consideration.
  • Separates From Competitors – While designing your brand logo, dare to be different from that of your competitors. As two brands cannot ever have the same logo for their respective brands, you can put a lot of creative thought, fun elements while designing your brand logo. Think something out of the box but also which defines your brand prominently. For e.g., if you are a seller of biodegradable products, then make sure your customers know that from catching a glimpse of your brand logo. To do so, you can incorporate the colour green or get something like an earthy logo for your brand – which will set you apart from your competitor for sure.
  • It Makes The Brand Memorable – A quirky fun logo which conveys your customer about your brand will surely make the brand memorable. As most of the things we remember are what we see than what we have heard, your brand logo will every time remind your customers of what your brand is all about. They may end up forgetting what products they purchased from the brand, but the logo will remind them and make your brand memorable for e.g. – the quirky monkey logo on a famous alcohol brand called BIRA.

So, we hope we are clear enough to make you understand the importance of designing a unique yet creative logo of your business before your business becomes fully operational. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something abstract or complicated. Rather something which would help one connect with your brand.

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