Why You Should Use Income Protection Insurance To Invest in Education

Sometimes, events in your life that seem negative actually wind up being for the best. This is because, sometimes, it takes a jarring or surprising event for you to find the perspective you need to “wake up,” so-to-speak, and realize that change needs to occur. For example, losing your job could result in the clarity you’ve been seeking about whether or not to quit and if your current line of work even makes you happy in the first place. While it can be stressful to be laid off, knowing that you want to find a different career to pursue can ultimately be for the best.

All of this gets even better if you currently have income protection insurance. This is because, if you’re insured and receiving payments for a portion of your lost wages, you can ultimately find the money you need to get involved in a class or courses to change your trajectory for the long-term. Read on to learn a bit more about income protection insurance and why you should definitely consider attending an online program with some of the proceeds from income protection if you really want to make a change in your life.

What is income protection insurance?

Put in its simplest terms, income protection is a way for you to keep your finances in order while you’re dealing with the need to step away from work, due to having to file for partial or full disability. Generally speaking, most income protection policies are combined with other kinds of disability insurance in order to make sure that your insurance needs are met during such a challenging time.

Depending on your income protection insurance policy, you may get up to 75 percent of your pre-tax income back through income protection programs; however, the exact amount and length of time for which you get these payments can vary. If you have questions about the elections and regulations surrounding your policy, it’s best to talk to your insurance provider to learn more about the ins and outs of their program. That being said, in some cases, the combination of disability insurance and income protection insurance can combine to make it so that your finances are smooth enough to consider taking on a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree through an online program.

How can you attend business school or another degree program if you’re on partial or full disability?


While your disability may disqualify you from working, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enroll in an online program. Getting your online master of business administration (MBA) degree can be an incredibly rewarding way to spend some of your time on disability insurance, and the fact that you’re pursuing your MBA degree online won’t even be thought about twice by future employers. Whether you’re interested in pursuing an online masters degree in business administration, or have a love of learning more about strategic management, project management, or data analytics, getting your business degree will give you all sorts of analytic skills to apply to a wide range of professions.

If you already have an undergraduate degree, getting an online degree is relatively straightforward. Best of all, a business degree can set you up for a wide variety of rewarding careers, making it easy to pivot to a new job as a financial manager, operations manager, human resource manager, or financial analyst. Job conditions are usually much better in these sorts of leadership roles, and pay can be better, too. Plus, by pursuing an online degree, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to complete and pay for your program at your own pace.

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