World of Warcraft – An Introduction to Keybinding

Keybinding can play a vital part of playing World of Warcraft, and here is how you can make the most of it. 

Whilst you have been out on your journey for WoW gold and grinding out those levels to get your World of Warcraft character to where you want to be, have you been wondering if there are more effective ways in which you can get yourself through the game by taking a look at the controls? If you have, then you are in luck.

Keybinding plays a vital role in making sure that your gameplay is as effective as it can be. This set of keybinds is a good foundation for getting better at controlling your World of Warcraft character. We will be taking a look at a few of the essential keys and what you should be using them for. 

S Key

This is bound to Backpeddle as a default setting, though you don’t really need it if you aren’t playing as a tank character. With that in mind, simply use your mouse to move, as there isn’t really much benefit to backpeddling, given how slow it actually is. 

Q & E Keys

As with your backpeddling key, these keys are bound for the Turn action, which again isn’t really that necessary since you can just use your mouse as a quicker option. 

Z Key

It is strongly advised that you swap out your sheath weapon default button for a spell option instead. Though this depends on the way you play, it can still be extremely beneficial to do so. 

X Key

Not really a key that you need when it comes to its default. Here you will find its simply set for either swimming down or flying. In the key moments of the game, you aren’t going to be doing either of these motions. With that in mind, feel free to swap it out. 

C Key

This normally brings up your World of Warcraft character pane. That being said, you could just take the extra time to click on your WoW character icon if you really need to go to that screen. Instead, a spell bind that requires fast clicking can be a more useful replacement. 

V Key

Another great binding key to use given its position on the keyboard. Normally used for showing your enemy’s nameplate. 

B Key

This too can be used for spell binding. Otherwise, its default use it Toggle Backpacks, which isn’t really something that you need all that much. 

R Key

Same goes for the R button, just rebind it. It would normally be Reply Whisper but honestly it is way more effective as a key that can be used for binding. With that being said, do the same for the T Key as well. 

Y Key 

This key depends on how comfortable you are with your keyboard. More specifically, it is based on the placement of your index finger. If it isn’t right for you, then you can probably avoid it, unless you need the space for it. 

F Key

Go with a modified spell here such as casting spells since you aren’t really going to use it for its default use of Assist target. 

G & H Keys

Use these for spell binding too. You don’t need the Toggle PVP Pane that much, so they are a good option for you to have.

Mouse Buttons

These will depend on how effective you are with the mouse itself. Typically, the 4 and 5 buttons can be two of your best choices for binding. This however depends on if your mouse has them in the first place and how comfortable you are with using it. 

Scroll Button

Obviously, the default option here is for you to be able to scroll in and out. That being said, you can rebind the zooming mechanism to your up and down keys, so you can free up your scroll button to unleash devastating attacks by simply scrolling up or down. 


If you are using the four action bars with the game’s UI, then you may as well rebind these keys. They are usually to access Action pages 1 to 6, but since there is another method for you to use you might as well use that. 

So that is a basic setup that you can adopt for binding your keys. A lot of players who struggle with the game will often resort to finding a vendor who will buy WoW gold or sell to help them through the wide world of the MMORPG. But before you go ahead on your search of cheap WoW gold, just hang fire and take a look at how you are actually playing the game and how you can improve by a simple look at the keys you are using. 

Have you tried this method? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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