Wrongful Convictions: How Hiring the Right Lawyer Helps You Fight

Anyone can say you did something wrong. You might have a person on the street who points in your direction and says you robbed them. The police might arrest you on the spot.

False accusations occur frequently, and many times, they are not malicious. They’re just mistakes. However, these errors can cost you your freedom or your reputation.

Fighting a wrongful conviction isn’t easy, but that’s what you must sometimes do if you end up in court and a jury convicts you. In these instances, you must find a lawyer who can help you reclaim your freedom and your good name. We will discuss how that attorney might assist you right now.

The Lawyer Can Help with the Appeal Process

If you hire a lawyer when someone makes an accusation, and you know you didn’t commit the crime, they should have prior experience. You need an attorney who knows the criminal court system and can potentially get you off.

If they fight on your behalf and a jury feels you committed the crime anyway, the attorney can help you throughout the appeals process. Ideally, they can keep you out of jail while you keep fighting.

They can help you set up your appeal. They will know how the whole process works since, presumably, they’re helped other clients in this area as well.

The right lawyer gives you the best chance during the appeals process. They can argue whatever points indicate you didn’t commit the crime. Hopefully, they will eventually win you your freedom.

They Can Find Additional Evidence

The right lawyer can also continue seeking evidence that indicates or proves you didn’t commit the crime. If you didn’t do it, then you can probably find evidence that proves your innocence. You might not know how you can do that, though.

Your lawyer likely employs investigators who can seek any material evidence they can use during the appeal process. They may also keep seeking out any eyewitnesses who can exonerate you.

They Can Keep Your Spirits Up

As you go through the lengthy appeal process, you might also feel discouraged. If someone says you did something, and you know you didn’t do it, those constant accusations can take a psychological toll. 

You might also have neighbors and former friends looking at you and gossiping. Maybe the prosecution says you did something horrible or embarrassing, and you feel humiliated.

Your attorney can help keep your spirits up when you feel low. You might consider taking a plea deal even if you didn’t do what the prosecution says. This does happen sometimes, but your lawyer might say you should keep fighting.

Your lawyer becomes your cheerleader, and you may need one when times seem darkest. You might reach a point where you will escape this nightmare scenario if you remain resilient. In the meantime, though, your attorney can be that shoulder you lean on when you think you can’t go on any further.

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