10 Ways To Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

“YouTube” whenever we hear this word in our mind arises so many things like- entertaining videos and content, thousands of likes, millions of views and subscribers. And those Youtubers have all of these things but this is not enough. We all want to become a famous face on YouTube but how? This is a most important and difficult question for all. Getting 1k subscribers on YouTube will take some time but if you get this in a few weeks so no one can stop you to reach on top. 

So here are 10 ways that can help you to get your first 1000 subscriber on YouTube:- 

  • Believe in giving rather than revenue:- 

Most of the YouTuber start this channel just because they want to make revenue or they want to make money from their YouTube channel but this is not the concept of YouTube. Most of the YouTuber think about what and how to get revenue or money from YouTube platforms rather than what they can provide their subscribers and audiences. So, first of all you have to change your mind set and stop thinking about revenue. First think about what kind of content you can provide to your customer because content is like oxygen for your YouTube channel and daily interaction with your audiences because of a milestone that you are trying to achieve. 


  • Be different & creative:- 

‘It is ok to be different’ this is not just a quote this is a strong pillar of YouTube content. If you think weird so engage this weirdness with your knowledgeable or entertaining content and provide your audience a beautiful creative video with lots of fun and entertainment and if you can add a small effective massage this will be like a Diwali Meethai for your audiences because users can easily understand the message behind the smiling and laughing face. 


  • Consistency:-

This is most important for all the YouTubers, make sure you are uploaded video consistently because your audience or your subscribers wants your videos or content on right and schedule time, if you posted your video in a week pick a day then always upload your videos on that specific day, for example- if you put video on Saturday evening always upload your video on Saturday because your subscribers knows that you are consistent and the day is a day when you upload video and in the morning you can make a short video massage for remind your subscribers that today is a day of uploading video. 


  • Promote your channel:- 

Of course this is one of the best ideas or a point that can increase the chance of gaining more than 1k subscribers on your YouTube channel. So for that promoting your YouTube channel on your other social media platform like, Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform. You can ask your friends to share your YouTube video’s link on their social platform or their family and friends group that can help you to reach your first 1000 YouTube subscribers. 


  • Buy Youtube subscribers:- 

This is one of the best ideas or options that most YouTubers are using now. Buying YouTube subscribers (http://www.buyyoutubesubscribers.in/) is worth it in many ways. When you start a new channel on YouTube you can find lots  of YouTube channel that are already working on the same ground or on content so for that reason you need to get 1k subscribers in just a few days. Sometimes it’s possible but not always so, for that reason you guys don’t need to be worried you can buy YouTube subscribers with a genuine YouTube service provider. This is very beneficial for new YouTube channel’s owners who want to become famous or want to provide genuine content to their audiences.


  • Search Engine Optimization:-

You can use Search engine optimization work to increase your subscribers count because this is important to know that your channel exists. A SEO service provider knows how to improve and enhance your channel so they can suggest to you which type of content you have to share and create. How to spread your positivity by your videos. They can improvise your channel and create the thumbnails and promote your videos, channel and content to their website and their social media platform. A search engine optimization service provider can promote your channel that is called paid promotion. 


  • Select topic to share:- 

You have to select any of the topics and research on it before making any videos. You have to work and research on each and every topic. So, whenever you post any video you have to select your content topic. Don’t make videos on every topic like- if you are sharing videos on cooking don’t cover all the varieties you can pick three topics like cake making, veg food or any other one topic you can choose. 


  • Target on audience not any age group:- 

You have to target all the audiences and provide them knowledgeable and entertaining content. If you target only a specific age group you will not achieve that much number of subscribers that you want on your channel. So whenever you try to upload a video always create content that has the creativity and a strong message and that can spread impact on all the audiences no matter its 0-10y, 11-20 or more than above age group. There are a lot of factors you need to look in targeting the right audience on youtube. If your channel is new or struggling then you may buy the YT views or subscribers to strengthen your channel and content and I suggest Check this site for more information.


  • Effective thumbnails:- 

When we open YouTube on our mobile or computer the first thing we see is, thumbnail. In YouTube, thumbnails provide you the opportunity to get someone to click on your video. Your thumbnail is the only graphic that can convince or attract users to watch your videos so this is the important factor for all the YouTubers because thumbnails are an essential part of the video in YouTube. There are so many thumbnail designers or creator apps that you can use for your channel.


  • Search keywords:- 

This is so important for website holders and a YouTuber. Before making any video, creating a script carefully and using the right keyword is beneficial. So, if you use the right keywords in your YouTube content and video you will get your first 1k subscribers.  Keywords are so important not only for business for YouTube also.

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