5 interesting facts about Twitter you might not know

There are hundreds of social media platforms that people and businesses use today but Twitter is still one of the most used and popular among them. There are approximately 300 million active users on Twitter, which is not a small number. There is obviously a valid reason behind this massive growth of Twitter but here are 5 varied interesting facts that you might not know –

  1. 350,000 tweets every minute – Data shows that approximately 350,000 tweets are posted every minute in total, which also means 500 million tweets per day! These are not small numbers and show the massive engagement of people on Twitter. These tweets include different types of content such as photos, videos, etc. You can also use twitter video downloader to download videos from Twitter. This will directly save all the videos on your phone.
  2. FriendStalker – Twitter is definitely something with the help of which you can stalk your friends, celebrities, athletes, etc. You can scroll through their posts, see what they are up to, and observe what they are talking about. Imagine changing Twitter’s name to FriendStalker. Sounds weird right? Well, “FriendStalker” was actually one of the names suggested by one of the co-founders of Twitter, Evan Williams. All thanks to another co-founder of the company, Noah Glass who later researched for similar words to “Twitch” in the dictionary and finally came across Twitter.
  3. Hashtags were introduced in 2007 – The person behind introducing hashtags to this digital world was Chris Messina. Hashtags are very useful for people to find suitable content for them; it can be a theme or a topic. On Twitter, hashtags are generally used during certain events and situations to help people know about the same thing. When hashtags were first introduced, there was a lot of scepticism around them because they were thought of as very technical and nerdy. But as of now, literally, every social media use hashtags.
  4. Larry – No it is not the name of its founder or CEO. It is the name of the bluebird that you see on twitter’s logo. Interesting right? Even people who use Twitter daily and people who are familiar with Twitter might not know this fact. Twitter began its journey back in 2006 but Larry was named only in 2012. There was actually some discussion on the topic on Twitter that the bird has a name or not and then it was confirmed by Ryan Sarver, in a tweet. He was one of the tweet managers.

5.            Early days – When Twitter was just starting; it faced some problems just like any other start-up. During the 2007 conference, around 60,000 tweets were being posted every day which was too much for the servers of Twitter at that time. Whenever servers were overloaded, a cartoon image of a whale appeared on the screen which was pulled out of water in a net by eight tiny birds, representing Larry. This overloaded page also had a name, “Fail Whale”. Humorously covering their shortcomings proved to be the best strategy of Twitter which is now used by many websites.

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