9 Types of Employee Awards

There is a very old saying “Shramev Jayate”, that means labour always wins in any business or office or industry. bet365 عربي The greatest credit for their success goes to the workers or employees working in it. To encourage these hard-working employees from time to time, the organization gives them awards with honours. Certainly due to this honour skilled employees, with their hard work, take the business on the path of progress. nyerőgépes játék

These awards can be given in any form. An organization can give these awards in the form of crystal trophy cups, momento and certificates with their name and achievement mentioned in it.

However giving an award in the form of crystal trophy cups is the best option.

Today, in this article I will tell you about some award ideas by which you can appreciate the employees for their best work and encourage them to be more engaged in their work in order to achieve enterprise’s goal. tippmix élő

Awards for encouragement to employees:

Award for Employee of the month

Many organizations honour the best worker every month by awarding them with Employee of the Month” on the basis of month-long efficiency. Certainly such awards also encourage all other employees, which also has an impact on productivity.

Award for Stand out performer

This Award is given to those employees who have given their exceptional service, who is continuously working hard for the organization.

This award is given to those employees who contribute significantly to the work of team leaders or managers.

Award for Best attendance

The employees who complete their work on time contributes in the progress of an organization. This award is given to those employees who delivers on time delivery of production, they also encourages all other employees to complete their work on time.

Custom employee service award

Those employees, who has shown honesty and integrity with full diligence, dedication and hard work in the organization or in the factory throughout his service will be honoured with this award.  “Custom Employee Service Award” will be awarded to those employees who have been working in an organization from a long-period of time. arab casino

Brainiac award

This award has been dedicated to those employees who have been always suggested innovative ideas in order to overcome from the problems accured in an organization. Such kind of employees should be appreciated for their thinking ability. tippmix.hu/mobil/sportfogadas

Award for being Forever With Us

Those employees who are always loyal with their enterprise. Specially those employees who are continuously working for the enterprise since many years. المراهنة على المباريات

Award for The Iron Pillar

This award will be dedicated to those employees who always stand with the enterprise in both good and bad days.

Award for Social Contributor

Those employees who are working for a good cause outside the organization will be awarded with this award. This kind of awards encourages the employees for always being a good human being and do good work for the society.

Best Customer Centricity Award

The Best Customer Centricity Award is dedicated to those employees who provides their best services to their costumers which in turn helps in improving your organization. Recognizing employees with such kind of recognition award also encourage other employees for working hard for the organization and made good relation with the costumers.

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