Baldr Pro

What is Olight?

Olight is a Chinese company that manufactures flashlights and torches, operating on a global scale. Their headquarters are situated in Shenzhen, China, but they also run out of Georgia, USA. They use the latest technology in their products and create products used by law enforcement such as police and the military and for outdoor purposes like camping, trekking, etc. Fox Fan founded it. They are a global presence with their products shipping to many countries. They have a lantern line as well called Olantern with detachable covers

What is Baldr Pro?

Baldr Pro is a professional lighting tool and has a green laser sight attached to it, and a white LED for installation on the device. The maximum light brightness it offers is 1350 lumens and is run by two CR123A batteries. The beam goes as far as 260 meters or 853 feet. The light intensity in candela is 16900, and the light’s form is a tight-focused hotspot.

The middle light beam of the device is solid and concentrated. However, near the ground, it is softer, gentler, and broader. This LED light can also be adjusted to 300 lumens of consistent light, and the green laser beam is visible both day and night. This green laser is 5mW.

The Baldr Pro is a physically strong piece of equipment, having adjustable screws. It can tolerate intense impacts and vibrations, and your calibrated adjustments will remain the same. The light is easy to attach and remove just by pressing or loosening the side swing arm. 

The lenses it contains are TIR Optic Lens, and its LED is high-performance NW LED. Its purpose is self-defense, usage by law enforcement, and tactical purposes. 

The product comes in a carton packaging which contains: 

  • 1 BALDR Pro
  • Two 3V 1600mAh CR123A Batteries
  • 1 Picatinny (Mil-std-1913) Rail Mount
  • 2 Rail Screw pieces
  • 1 T6/T8 Socket Head Wrench
  • 2 Adjustable screws
  • 1 User Manual for your aid and instructions

    The Baldr Pro is meant to be installed on equipment with a Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) or GL rail. The tool’s body is crafted out of aluminum alloy, which makes it very strong, durable, and dependable.

    It’s an excellent and high-quality choice for professionals with the ease of usage it offers, the high brightness, and solid performance. Its dimensions are: 

    • Length 3.30 in/84 mm
    • Width 1.44 in/36.5 mm
    • Height 1.75 in/44.5 mm
    • Weight (with batteries) 4.55 oz/ 129 g


    All in all, this is an excellent product to use, high quality, and fills needs neatly and appropriately. The Baldr Pro is a very aptly named product as it is one of the best in its class and works as well as any high-quality product should. It may be applied to weaponry as well and works as a good tool for law enforcement for safety purposes. Olight offers free shipping on the product, a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a five-year warranty should your light start malfunctioning. Consequently, this would be an excellent product to own, depending on your needs.


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