Streamline your deliveries – 3 main benefits of Deliveo delivery software

Delivery service

The demand for delivery services is rising at an insane pace, with more and more customers ordering home deliveries and shopping online. The global pandemic has made us hesitant to come outside, changing our habits to prefer having everything delivered to us instead. With such a growing demand, it’s easy to get lost in scheduling delivery routes and tracking your drivers. Such inefficiencies can be stifling to business growth – not operating at your fullest potential is an easy way to let your competitors leave you in the dust. To help courier and parcel service companies keep up with the crazy market, we’ve created Deliveo – a professional delivery management software, designed to optimize profits and reduce workload.

What is Deliveo?

Deliveo is a state-of-the-art delivery management system that gives managers an easy way of supervising and controlling all vital business processes using a single, streamlined platform. The heart of the system is an extensive dispatcher interface, created to simplify and optimize order handling.

Let’s look at the 3 main benefits Deliveo can bring to your company:

1. Faster and more efficient deliveries

Proper route and driver management is the key to optimal delivery time – and the more optimal the delivery time, the bigger the profit. Setting everything up manually takes time and effort, and mistakes are only natural to happen.

With the process fully automated, you can free up your drivers, satisfy your customers, and increase your profits.

2. Gain valuable insight

Deliveo delivery system gives you access to a wide spectrum of information about your company’s vital processes. As your company grows, hiring more drivers and handling more deliveries, it’s easy to get lost in the data, which makes drawing beneficial conclusions difficult.

Deliveo can also work both manually and automatically, assigning tasks based on a set of predefined rules, reducing your workload.

3. Inventory management and troubleshooting

If you’ve got a warehouse to manage, Deliveo offers a dedicated warehouse and inventory management system, tracking stock and deliveries, as well as information about your products.

If anything unexpected happens, Deliveo provides extensive logging capabilities, making it easy to keep track of your operations and identify what went wrong.

Finally, Deliveo also offers optional extended functionality, including a comprehensive client interface, courier access, as well as plugins and accessories.

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