Can We Switch on the Air Conditioner During Indoor Cycling?

Are you a newbie in indoor cycling? You might have many questions about the differences between this and the usual cycling that you do outdoors. While in principle both are the same there are significant differences that keep both unique in their own ways. Exercising outdoors is easier as you will be working out with others. On the other hand, when you cycle indoors, you could be all alone and hence you need constant motivation to push yourself. However, cycling in public can be a hard thing and requires a lot of time from your daily schedule. At the same time, you can easily start cycling in your private room without any inhibitions by just taking a few minutes of your time. Let us look at the importance of using the air conditioner during your indoor exercises.

Free Flow of Air is Important for Exercises

When you exercise you use a lot of oxygen. This is required to give you the necessary energy by burning the glucose or fat in your body. That is why it is important to maintain a good flow of air in your room. When you exercise outdoors, this is not an issue. However, when you are planning to exercise in your room, then you should keep the windows open and then workout. This minimises other complications that could rise with hypoxia.

Hypoxia is a Serious Problem in the Long Run

Hypoxia is the condition in which there is an insufficiency of oxygen when you workout. Many a time, this is also caused while sleeping in a closed room. This can cause a shortness of breath and cause you to faint or get tired easily. So, when you are practising online cycling you need to keep the doors and windows open to allow the free flow of air from outside. This exchange of air in the room keeps you well oxygenated.

Keeping the Windows Open is Not an Option in All Places

Wait, wait, wait. Before lecturing us on the unsuitability of keeping the doors and windows open, we know that it could be an issue in some locations of the world. For example, if you are living in a cold place then it could be hard for you to keep the doors open. In freezing temperatures, keeping the doors open could do more harm to you then help you. At the same time, you need proper airflow during the cycling.

Switching on the Air Conditioner Helps

This is why we recommend you switch on the air conditioner when you are using the indoor cycling app. When you are working out in your room, you can keep the AC on. This provides proper flow of air without reducing or increasing the indoor temperature. This keeps you energetic and helps you to workout more.

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