CocoDoc Review- What to Expect From this PDF Editor?

If you regularly need to edit PDF documents, you must have heard about the CocoDoc platform. Millions of people are using this tool to create, edit, or read PDFs online. However, is it worth your time, or if you should check out some other tool to get better results?

Today, we will discuss all these things to give you an idea of how it is like to use this application. From its features to the limitations, we will cover all the important things for you to make a decision. 

Before we go ahead, let us introduce this application to new readers.

What is CocoDoc?

CocoDoc’s solution is one of the leading PDF editors in the market. The platform offers some easy tools to play with your PDF however you want. It lets you read, edit, or convert any file with some reliable tools. If you have a look at its user interface, you will find that it is quite organized and you do not need to search for any tool on the platform.

As far as its security is concerned, the platform claims to delete all the uploaded files within 24 hours, unless it is saved by the user in cloud storage.

This PDF editor is quite helpful for professionals who regularly need to make some minor changes to a form or document. Also, businesses can use the templates available on their website to draft emails, forms, and other documents conveniently.

Features of CocoDoc

The features section of the platform is quite impressive as you can find a tool to help you out in almost every PDF situation. Although you can try these features online on its website, here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular ones:

PDF Editor

The first and the most obvious tool of this platform is the PDF editor itself. When you upload a file here, you get different options to add or remove something from your document. All you need is to choose what you want to do with your PDF and use the tool accordingly.

The most interesting feature about this feature is that you can use the freestyle drawing to add anything to your PDF pages. There’s no restriction and you can do it on a flattened PDF as well. 

PDF eSign

It is one of the most widely used features of this platform. The PDF eSign lets you embed digital signatures on any document you want. These documents are protected with advanced security and are legally binding to an agreement. That is why professionals can adopt digital signatures and avoid printing out documents just to sign them digitally.

The wet-ink-like signature improves the visibility of the digital signature and they look like someone signed them with a pen.

PDF Converters

There is a different section for all types of file converters you need. However, they are limited to the PDF file and you should either be converting a PDF or converting a different file to PDF. You can convert a PDF to Doc, XLSX, PPT, and JPEG file format. 

Similarly, you can convert the above files to a PDF as well.

PDF Merge

As the name suggests, this tool lets you merge multiple PDFs as a single one. In most cases, you can simply upload the file and the tool will automatically resize them to a default size. However, you can choose to do it manually as well.

PDF Resize and Rotate

The resize and rotate tool lets you define a customizable size for your PDF. It also lets you rotate the file according to your requirements. Using this tool is quite easy and you just need to choose the specifications and the angle at which you want to rotate your file. 

Advantages of Using CocoDoc

Here are some of the advantages of using this platform:

Complete PDF Editor- The best thing about CocoDoc is that it offers a complete PDF editing experience. You do not need to rely on any other platform after using this one. You can easily find a tool for all your requirements here.

Easy to Use Tools- The fact that the platform offers separate tools makes it much more reliable for its users. All you need is to upload your document on the right service page and get the work done automatically.

Affordable- It offers a 7-day free period to use all the services without any subscription fee. Even after that, the subscription of the tool is way more affordable than its competitors.

Safe to Use- The platform is protected with an SSL certificate and offers complete security from third-party applications. You can create an account and store your data securely here. 

Limitations of CocoDoc

Here are some of the limitations of this platform:

Supports Only PDF- You can not replace your file editor as it is limited to PDFs only. If you need to edit the different types of file formats, the platform might not be the best option for you.

Only Web Version Available- You can only use the web version of this solution. However, the premium users can download its mobile application and stay connected to their account wherever they go.

Final Verdict

After considering all the features, advantages, and limitations of this platform, we can say that it is a good application for PDF editing. The tool is not much advanced but provides all the features that you may need in editing a PDF online. The security of the platform is quite impressive as there are no privacy issues on its website.

If you are a beginner, you will love this application as it does not require any editing knowledge. On the other hand, professionals might find it lacking a few advanced options in its tools.

Overall, it passed our test and we believe you are going to love using this application. You can visit its website to avail of the 7-day free trial to try its services for free.


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