Differences Between Reconstructive And Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery has two subcategories which are reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Both surgical procedures overlap one another but are distinct. They are both done to improve function or appearance but they still serve entirely different purposes. Let’s get into the differences between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

  • Procedure

Reconstructive surgery has the name implies is a surgical procedure that is done to restore the appearance and function after trauma, infection or even diseases like cancer. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand aims to improve or enhance appearance. It does not focus on restoration or reconstruction but rather aesthetics mostly. Psst: For the best reconstructive surgeries, I recommend Jim Brantner Reconstructive Surgery.

  • Necessity

Reconstructive surgery is considered a medical necessity. They are done because your health issues affect the way you look. It can be reconstructing your nose to make breathing better or fixing a disfigured breast after suffering from breast cancer. Cosmetic surgeries are not done due to medical conditions but to reshape existing structures or improve symmetry.

  • Insurance

Since reconstruction surgeries are collecting a medical condition, then your insurance should cover it. As long as you can prove that the procedure will improve your quality of life and is medically necessary. Cosmetic surgeries however are not covered by insurance. You will have to pay with your own money and it can be very expensive. For example, nose surgery can cost you about $20,000.

Note: It is very important to note that most insurance can help you to cover the fees for any surgery as long as you can prove that the procedure will make your life easier for you. You can check with your insurance provider to understand how it works well.

  • Examples

Surgeries that are considered to be reconstructive surgery are palate, nasal obstruction, excessive scarring, or birth deformities. Cosmetic surgeries include blepharoplasty which has to do with the removal of excess skin or fat around the eyes. Ear reshaping, hair transplant, liposuction, or neck lifts are also considered cosmetic surgery.

  • Good Candidates For Both Procedures

Some conditions and situations merit reconstructive surgery. If you have had a trauma or disease that altered the functionality of your body, reconstructive surgery will help you restore it to its original condition. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand is a good option for people who want to improve their physical appearance. It helps you take control over the way they look. People who have difficulty maintaining a healthy diet can use cosmetic surgery to reduce their body fat.

  • Aftermath Of The Procedure

Although both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery will leave you looking good after the reconstructive surgical procedure, your face or wherever was worked on will be returned to its original look or appearance but cosmetic surgery will leave you with a new look to make you look better than before.

There are differences between reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Mostly, reconstructive surgery is done to treat medical conditions while cosmetic surgery is done mostly for aesthetic purposes. They are also very similar since they are both tenets of plastic surgery.





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