Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A Drum Set

You have bought a drum set and now thinking of setting it up to start playing it. Don’t worry! Setting up your own drum set or drum kit is quite simple and easy. It does not require too much time to assemble your drum set. What you need to do this task is to select a place where you can keep all instruments and accessories of your drum kit and understand the basic parts of it to assemble it accurately.

Thus, without discussing anything else, let us explain a list of essential parts of a drum set along with their specific roles in creating solid beats and sounds that will boost everyone’s music spirit. So, continue reading the article!

Some Basic Parts That You Should Know For Setting Up A Drum Set:

Look at the below discussed vital parts or components of a drum set. You need to assemble all of them to set up your drum set properly.

  1. Bass Drum or Drum Heads 

This is the base of your drum set, and you need to place it on the floor and keep its position in the middle.

Then, you have to attach a pedal with the bass drum or head through which you can use your feet to create music beats from it. Typically, a bass drum is the key part of the instrument that makes the most resonant tone.

  1. Snare Drum

The smallest drum you have in your drum kit is called a snare drum. It holds its own stand that you can place on the left or right part of the drum set (It usually depends on either you are right or left-handed).

Moreover, this tiny drum possesses some wires under it, which are known as snares, and because of this, it is named a snare drum. These wires give the crispy sound it produces.

  1. Hi Hat Stand 

It is a hat-shaped component in which two small cymbals are sited that claps together when you use the foot pedal. Generally, you have to place a hi hat stand beside the snare drum. Hence, the cymbals make you able to create a chic sound when they are closed and a clanging sound when these two cymbals are left open.

But if we talk more about these cymbals, they are called crash cymbal and ride cymbal. Besides this, if your hi hat stand gets damaged, you can buy the best hi hat stand from a reputable store online.

  1. Tom Toms

They come in different sizes, and sounds that can be created (ranges from 6 to 18 inches), in which the sound produced varies from its size (larger toms make more resonant sounds). Tom toms are fixed on the drum head and typically positioned according to its size.

The floor tom is the largest one among various types and possesses its own legs that you can place on the floor to support your legs while playing the drums. It generates the deepest bass sound, which is almost similar to the sound that the drum bass produces but it is lighter.

  1. Drum Sticks

There is no denying that you might not be able to play the musical instrument without two drumsticks. This is why drumsticks are one of the essential parts of a drum set.

The Final Thought:

We have discussed some of the basic parts of a drum set or drum kit for you. If you are a beginner and want to start practicing playing drums, you should know about all these components. This way, you will be able to buy a high-quality drum set and set it up accurately.

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