Food Tips That Can Complement Your Workout Routine

It is recommended to energize before hitting the gym by eating and drinking, but choosing the wrong snacks can make your training sessions even harder and sabotage the progress you’ve made so far. During a workout, the last thing you want is your stomach churn while working out, or you already get exhausted before you even start to do any of your routines.

 Jim White as the spokesman from the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics, says that cramps or any other issues in your body system happens due to careless pre-workout eating and workout without a full stomach. To gain more insight into this subject, let us dive into the information beneath. 

For an optimal gym session, avoid these foods

  • Flaxseed

Although flaxseed is an excellent source of fiber, taking flaxseed excessively before your gym session is a no. Because it will cause bloating and gas that can distract your workout routine; besides, an expert recommends that it would be better if you are not consuming any fiber foods when you want to work out. Aside from flaxseed, you should also avoid fiber-based supplements and any kind of high source of fiber foods. 

  • Protein bars

Most of us know how great protein bars are due to their marketing. The problem with the protein bar is it has 200 calories with a small amount of protein. It is similar to eating a whole bar of chocolate. Consequently, if you consume a protein bar that has low protein, it can quickly drop your blood sugar, and you will end up getting tired instantly. If you have been consuming protein bars, it is recommended to take a closer look at their nutrition table. It will help you avoid the blood sugar drop by choosing a protein bar with a proper sugar and protein ratio. 

  • Milk

You probably hear about low fat milk that is suitable for those looking for a diet food menu—on the other hand, consuming milk before a workout can make your body’s system work much slower. We know that protein will help the muscle to recover, primarily when you work out. But, you also need to know that a high source of protein like milk lacks carbohydrates. It will end up draining your energy quickly. 

  • Sugar

Since we can find sugar in any kind of meal so avoiding, this one is a little bit tricky. The high amount of sugar in your blood can cause you to pass out during a workout. Therefore, you should avoid drinking beverages with high sugar like soda, energy drinks, and orange juice. You can also choose a caffeine drink for your pre-workout beverage. However, it can distract your sleep. And, lack of sleep means lack of energy. Smoothies can be your option, especially if you have a protein powder that can be put into the mix. 

  • Egg

Another food with a high source of protein is the egg. But as you can guess, an egg also lacks carbohydrates. This is necessary to find an energy balance type of food before you go for a workout. Besides, an egg’s protein takes longer for your stomach to digest. Hence, eating eggs is not recommended before you go to your gym session.

At this point, you should probably recognize that the most challenging part of it is not to avoid the food. But you need to find food that can provide you balanced nutrition. However, you should not worry too much about it because we already prepare information about an excellent meal replacement suitable for your workout routine.

Meal replacement for workout

We bet that the list has one of your favorite meals from the above list of foods you should avoid. Besides, it is a challenging task to omit the habit and replace it with something new immediately. However, we are here to tell you that if there is a fantastic meal replacement that you should try, known as Kachava. This meal replacement offers two solid flavors, chocolate and vanilla. We recommend you try one for each flavor, so you will know which flavor you preferred the most.

In addition, you can have a subscription option if you want to try this fantastic protein powder, and the staff will deliver it to your house. Besides, this subscription option is quite flexible, so you can cancel it at any time if you do not like the idea of scheduled delivery.

What Is Kind Of Protein In Kachava? 

We understand that you need all of the organic and nutritious ingredients to sustain your healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Kachava consists of rich vegetables in the form of your daily supplement. Hence, you will not find any egg protein or whey in Kachava. It is a good company for your workout activity since this protein powder contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins that can complement the growth of your muscle. You can find more about kachava in this link .

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