How a 7-Day Cleanse Can Improve Your Health

Plenty of people are interested in ways to optimize their health or quit some bad health habits. The trick to it all is finding ways that ask for a tolerable amount of restraint from the practitioner while being known to grant a slew of benefits. It is to this end goal that we offer the health merits of a seven-day juice cleanse.

It Is Free of Fat

Everyone is looking to shed some weight and while muscle weighs more than fat, an excess amount of fat is never good for the body. One of the most obvious health benefits of a 7 day juice cleanse is that you never have to worry about getting fat into your system. Just think for a moment “Have I ever seen a glass of juice that has bits of fat floating around?” The answer, of course, is “no.” Sticking to this cleanse means never getting an ounce of fat into your body.

It is a Great Way to Get Antioxidants

There are many different foods that are known to be rich in antioxidants, and a lot of them happen to be commonly used in juicing. Antioxidants lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, reduce the toll that old age takes on the brain, elevate good cholesterol, diminish bad cholesterol and free radicals, help counteract inflammation, and can even sustain healthy vision.

It Offers All the Nutrition You Could Want

While the zero-fat nature of a juice cleanses is obviously a major boon to personal health, it is also worth noting that all of that juice is overflowing with vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to function properly. When you give the body only the things that it needs while also never giving it access to what it needs little to nothing of, the net result is an immediately noticeable amount of lost weight. Furthermore, all of that liquid nutrition will probably do wonders for your ability to expel waste regularly and with less or no difficulty.

It Helps Solve Cravings

While a cleanse is good in the short term, it can also open your eyes to just how your unhealthy food cravings can influence your behavior. Whenever the mood strikes you that you really need something sweet and unhealthy, you can ponder why that is while you down one of your juices. After enough moments of craving, and there will be at least a few of them when you drastically shift your diet for even a single week, you can better understand why you get those cravings and learn a more nutritious way of counteracting them.

You Wind Up Smelling Better

Arguably one of the least anticipated but no-less welcome merits of a juice cleanse is that it alters your body odor for the better. While poor hygiene is a factor in how a person smells, bad gut health is also a factor. By giving your body nothing but nutritious juices for a week, you can improve your gut health and expedite the removal of the many toxins that contribute to acrid, unwelcome body odor. Chlorophyll, common to many leafy greens that are used for some juices, is also known to neutralize body odor in people who regularly imbibe juices containing leafy greens like kale and spinach.

You Sleep Better

Proper rest helps with proper health and proper health helps with proper rest. The balanced nutrition of a juice cleanse helps you expel the bad toxins while also making it easier to fall into a more fitful slumber. Juices containing crops with high fiber are better able to encourage slow-wave-sleep and staunch blood sugar spikes; high blood sugar makes it harder for the body to rest.

Final Thoughts

When you consider all of the health benefits to be gained from pursuing a seven-day juice cleanse, you might just think about making it a full-time commitment. In just one week, you can trim the fat of your body, gain more fitful sleep, demolish any funky body odor, better deal with junk food cravings, and get all the nutrition, including antioxidants, your body needs without also gaining anything bad.

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