How to Get High-Quality Health Insurance for A Lot Less?

The Swiss healthcare system is beyond any doubt one of the best in the world, giving you high-quality health insurance. In 2020, the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity published the World Index of Healthcare Innovation. After analyzing the health care systems of 31 high-income countries, Switzerland ranked first. 

Unlike few other countries, Swiss healthcare is not tax-based. It is to be paid by every individual who needs to pay for it. It is a mandate to have health insurance. This mandatory health insurance is called a basic cover. The Basic cover gives you high-quality health insurance taking care of the basic needs of health care costs and facilities. Switzerland’s health insurance gets beautifully divided into two parts; the first one is the Basic cover, which is compulsory to have. The second one is an optional Supplementary cover but further enhances the quality by providing more enhanced features than the basic cover. 

All the insurance companies in Switzerland are obliged to provide Basic cover. No matter what the health condition is, they will be obliged to provide it. Even if there is a pre-existing disease, they will accept it. 

As humans, we tend to seek the best most economically. And the same holds even for health insurance as well. In Switzerland, one can have high-quality health insurance for a lot less. 

How to Have Best Features at the Lowest Possible Premium

There are many players in the field of health insurance, providing various plans. To understand the features or provisions an insurance company offers and at what cost, one must study deeply. Study if there are any discounts provided or not? You can do all this quickly. Compare online to save money on your health insurance premiums. One will see all the different plan comparisons of various service providers on one screen. In Switzerland, health insurance comparison is hugely convenient to make comparisons and evaluate a policy with the best features. 

High-Quality Features Make Health Insurance Quality High

As basic insurance covers your basic needs for health insurance, one can increase the quality of health insurance features and coverage by opting for an optional supplementary plan which gives you an extended cover over the basic one. One can have additional benefits for outpatient, inpatient, and medical emergency insurance.  Apart from extending the cover, the basic insurance supplemental plan gives features not covered in the basic compulsory plan. An example from the general ward supplementary plan may provide coverage for a private room depending on the chosen plan.

A few of the supplementary health insurance plan’s enhanced benefits are:


Home Care


Alternative medical treatments & medicines

Glasses & contact lenses


Dental Care 

And many more, which you can easily see and compare many more online to save money on your health insurance plan. 

To reap the benefits of both and have a good quality health plan, one can take a Basic and a Supplemental plan, each from a different insurance company. To note here is that both the Basic and supplementary plans are two separate contracts. 

Take a Moment Out

It would help if you took a moment out for yourself to understand all of your healthcare-related requirements. Prepare an extensive list like the frequency of doctor’s visits, the need to visit your choice of doctor only, and so on. If you travel abroad, you may require an extensive travel cover. If you are going to the gym regularly, you may like to avail yourself of gym membership coverage.

After preparing the requirement list, when you go online to compare and save money on your health insurance plan, carefully select from the list of features. It will give results as per your requirement. You can then see a clear comparison and choose your service provider and a plan for yourself.                                                                                                                                                                            

Here is the Hot Tip

When comparing health insurance plans, make sure you know the yearly monitoring benefits you will have and the exact yearly premium you will pay. Let’s say your annual premium is 500 francs, and you get 100 francs towards contact lenses and 200 francs towards gym membership, assuming that you already use contact lenses and go to gyms regularly, then the calculation is simple. Here your spending is 500 and receives 300 each year, so in reality, you are only paying CHF200 to maintain your other health care needs. It is one of the examples demonstrating how you can have high-quality health insurance and end up paying a lot less.  All this and even more is available online [Refer French, English Website] when you make health insurance comparisons in Switzerland.

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