How to Maintain Rare-earth Magnets

True to their name, rare-earth magnets are considered to be the strongest permanent magnets and its widely known variant, neodymium magnets, are the rarest magnets in the world! Derived from the lanthanide series in the periodic table, these magnets today are used in dynamic industries and various products to boost the feasibility and efficiency of work. They are present in several shapes, sizes and grades like rare-earth block magnets and can be highly efficient in their use and nature.

However, handling rare-earth magnets needs attention and care. Here are some things to remember when using, storing and handling them:

Protective Gear While Handling: As one of the most powerful permanent magnets, rare-earth, also known as neodymium magnet, can aid heavy tasks, especially in the construction industry. Besides, these magnets are used in a range of things from microphone assemblies to computer disc drives and speakers and medical devices! Given their predominant use and efficiency, it is imperative that no matter how greater or smaller their quantity, utmost care must be taken while handling them. Because of the intensity of their magnetic pull, if suitable protective gear is not worn while handling this type of magnet, it may result in severe instances of skin pinching along with causing your hand tissues to damage.

Safeguard Against Corrosion: Rare-earth magnets are highly beneficial because of their excellent properties. However, that also implies that those useful properties may not completely resist other environmental conditions like moisture or heat. Although these magnets can reasonably stand moisture, the failure to maintain them can cause corrosion in the long run and compromise their life span. Extra care needs to be paid if rare-earth magnets are used in an aquatic condition or generally outdoors. It is an unsaid fact that careful handling can go a long way in helping them withstand corrosion. Also, using these magnets along with their cutlery can ensure they remain intact. Post-use neodymium magnets must be placed in their magnet tray to avoid further damage.

Protection from Extreme Temperature: Most rare-earth magnets can withstand a temperature of up to 80 degrees celsius. However, using them in extreme weather conditions or environments like your vehicle’s exhaust system, coal burners, or engine compartment may cause them to lose their magnetisation! No matter what grade or shape of neodymium magnets you have, they demagnetise, and their durability gets compromised if subjected to extreme temperatures. Therefore, make sure you have an idea of the tangible environment and its existing temperature before you bring out rare-earth magnets to use.

Use in Anti-inflammable Environment: Neodymium magnets are the most widely used rare-earth block magnets and are highly flammable. If careful attention is not paid to its usage and handling, chances are they may cause a fire hazard! While it is essential to ensure that they are not directly introduced in a fire-conducive environment, do also remember to take the effort and gauge the properties of the corresponding substances or objects in which they will be put to use. Because of the very nature of two contrasting properties existing in the same environment, there can be a greater propensity for an untoward danger or harmful occurrence.

Apart from the vital pointers mentioned above, it is essential to keep these magnets away from the reach of children. Also, ensure that individuals with pacemakers and hearing aid devices are nowhere in the proximity of rare-earth magnets. And finally, manufacturer’s instructions and user manuals should be followed carefully while handling, using, transporting or storing these magnets.


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