Keloid Scar Removal And Its Effects

Are you suffering from keloids? Not sure how exactly you are going to get rid of those terrible scars? Well, you need not worry as we are here to help you out. We will tell you everything that you need to know about scar removal treatment. This will help you to understand whether you should undertake this treatment procedure or not and what its benefits are. We will also tell you how to find the best place for Keloid scar removal London.


What are keloids?

If you are someone who has never suffered from keloids, it is quite likely that you have never heard of the disease. However, keloids are a very common disorder. It is caused because of the overgrowth of scar tissues. It can result from a minor injury or abrasion to the skin. Keloids may sometimes also result from surgeries for different skin conditions like acne, pimples, tattoos, piercings and much more.

Keloids are extremely common in people who have black skin. However, it can also happen to anyone. You can easily identify keloids if you see there is an overgrowth of scar issues after an injury or surgery. Keloids can be quite disturbing. The severity of keloids can also be different in different people. The size and shape of the keloids will determine the kind of treatment you require for the disease. Sometimes, keloids may even spread out across the skin.

What are the various keloid scar removal treatments?

There are a huge variety of scar removal treatment options available to you. You may choose your option depending on your extent of disease and the recommendation of the doctor:

Surgery: For large and old scars, surgery is recommended. However, the rate of return of keloids can be quite high after surgery. There are multiple benefits of surgery as well. Most doctors also opt for cryotherapy. This process works by freezing the keloid with liquid nitrogen. The doctor may also offer you steroid injections after your surgery to reduce chances of inflammation

Surgical scar removal requires a lot of steps. Historically, most people opt for surgery but the problem with surgery is that the tissue can appear once again. Sometimes, it even comes back larger than the original one and that is why most people go for new and advanced treatment methods to get rid of keloid scars.

Laser treatment: Laser treatment is mostly required after the keloid has been flattened by other 

treatments. This treatment can be used to treat the redness of the skin where the keloid was present. The treatment, however, needs to can be carried out by a laser therapist who will carefully examine you before suggesting you the treatment.

The treatment is also carried out on a small patch of your skin before it is actually done on your scar. Laser treatment occurs in multiple sessions. You may have to appear for six different sessions before your entire scar is actually removed. However, you need to be under the constant supervision of your doctor so that there are no side effects.

How to prevent keloid scarring treatment?

Scar removal treatment can be a lengthy and difficult process. That is why we should try to prevent this from happening in the first place itself. You should try to prevent skin injuries that can cause scarring. This can be done by using silicone gel pads after an injury. Sun exposure can also discolour the scar tissue making it look dark. Always try to keep your skin cover to prevent it from getting discoloured. You can also try using sunscreen for protection.

So for Keloid scar treatment always make it a point to visit the best clinic in town. Also, be in regular touch with your doctor regarding your treatment options.


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