OSRS Rune Mysteries Guide

The following guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Rune Mysteries quest in OSRS. 

The Rune Mysteries quest in Old School Runescape is available for free-to-play players and is something you will need to mine rune essence if you are planning on visiting the Rune Essence mine. There aren’t any requirements for the quest, so you won’t need any OSRS gold, or have the need to buy OSRS gold to help you. It’s a novice quest in which you will assist head wizard Sedridor who may even teach you a thing or two. 

Though there are no requirements, it is recommended that you take a Varrock teleport and a ring of wealth with you. Having the chronicle, an amulet of glory, and a necklace of passage are also effective, as all of these together will provide you with teleports of the locations that you will be using. 

The Quest Guide

To get started, head over to Lumbridge Castle. Go up to the first floor and speak with Duke Horacio, and enquire if he has any available Old School Runescape quests. Though he won’t have any available for you from himself, he will explain that he has found a rather curious talisman. With curiosity getting the best of him, he will give you the air talisman and request you learn details of its origin. To do so, you need to take it to the Wizards’ Tower and give it to the archmage. 

With that in mind and the talisman in hand, we will be heading off to the Wizards’ Tower. You can find the tower just to the south of Draynor Village if you have never been before. Once you have arrived there, go down the ladder to reach the basement. Speak with Wizard Sedridor here, who will take your air talisman in return for a research package. You will then be told to take it to Aubury, who can be found in Varrock, so let’s head there. 

When you arrive in Varrock, you will want to head to Varrock’s east bank. From here, head to the south until you reach Aubury’s rune shop. Once you have him, speak to him twice. This will see him giving you notes that you will need and then tell you to take them back to Wizard Sedridor. With the notes in hand, it’s time for us to head back to the Wizards’ Tower once more. 

Go back to the Wizards’ Tower then speak with Wizard Sedridor a final time. Now you will be given the air talisman back and you will be given the knowledge about Runecrafting. Following the explanation of the basics of Runecraft, your quest will be complete. 

OSRS Rune Mysteries Quest Rewards

For completing the Rune Mysteries quest, you will be given a quest point for your troubles. You will also be able to keep the air talisman that you were given, and you can now mine rune essence too which we touched on at the very start of this guide. You can now too, use both books of knowledge and lamps on Runecraft if you wish. Finally, for completing the OSRS quest you will be given five Kudos, which you can take to the Varrock Museum. Once you have arrived there, speak with Historian Minas to claim them. 

Even though it is only a short quest, it does have some significance. It is a requirement for the completion of a number of OSRS quests within the game. These include the following: Enter the Abyss, One Small Favor, The Lost Tribe, Wanted, Swan Song, Death to the Drogeshuun, Lunar Diplomacy, The Slug Menace, What Lies Below, Another Slice of H.A.M, Dream Mentor, King’s Ransom, Dragon Slayer II and Making Friends With My Arm. 

This OSRS Rune Mysteries is a really straightforward quest for you to beat, so don’t worry about having to find someone who will sell OSRS gold to help you out. The teleports for each location that you need aren’t required, but they do tend to help if you want the OSRS Rune Mysteries quest to go a lot quicker. It is a simple case of a back and forth between a couple of NPCs and you are done. This is why it is considered to be a novice quest, and you won’t need a paid membership to access it either. However, as mentioned it does have quite an important role to play, meaning its simplicity is often deceiving for how vital it actually is. OSRS Runecrafting after all can play a major part of your time in OSRS, and the amount of OSRS quests that need you to have completed Rune Mysteries does say a lot about it. 

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