Overview of MixBook

There are numerous photo book brands available to choose from. MixBook is a popular company whose photo books can be accessed on all five continents of the world. There are several printing stations around the world. Therefore, it is convenient for you to ship products from the station closest to you, not only from the United States.

A brief history on MixBook

The company was established in 2006 to help students to create their yearbooks. It did not take long for the company to grow into one of the biggest photo book editors. In 2010, MixBook introduced calendars and photo cards into their range of products. Mosaic, an app version of MixBook, was launched in 2012 to make simple photo books. In 2013, MixBook launched Montage, which follows Mosaic, but with a different idea. Although Montage also creates automatic books with cool layouts, it is not as customizable as the MixBook photo books. However, as opposed to Mosaic, Montage works on the desktop editor and comes in server-high printing, so the quality is far better than Mosaic. Finally, in 2015, MixBook launched two new products: photo print and canvases.

Types of MixBook photo books

  1.     Softcover Books

This photo book is digitally printed and is the cheapest of the MixBook range. The softcover book does not open completely flat and contains semi-gloss paper (100 lb.).There is no logo on the back.

  1.     Hardcover books

These photo books contain 100 lb. paper, are fully customizable, and come in three sub-categories:

  •         The standard glossy hardcover
  •         Hardcover with glossy dust jacket

Usually, the dust jacket has the same front and back design as the cover with the title on the spine. The photo book starts with an empty double-spread.

  •         The premium leather cover with matte dust jacket

The leather cover is usually black. All the information, title, and design are on the dust jacket. This photo book starts and finishes with a black spread giving the book an elegant look.

MixBook photo book sizing.

MixBook photo books’ standard range comes in seven sizes plus additional sizes for the Montage and Mosaic books. The sizes include:

  •         8X6 inches
  •         8.5X8.5 inches (Square)
  •         11X8.5 inches (The standard landscape)
  •         8.5X11 inches (Portrait)
  •         12X12 inches
  •         10X10 inches
  •         14×11 inches (The largest size)
  1.     Lay Flat books

These books are the most expensive of all MixBook photo books. The lay-flat pages open completely flat with a continuous flow of images (no content is getting lost in between), are extremely thick, and do not bend.

  1.     Mosaic books

This brand is a subsidiary of MixBook. Mosaic books have a distinguished look and can be made on your desktop editor or smartphone app. The book allows for no layout and can only be 20 pages with one photo per page.  Mosaic books have a signature cover with holes cut through, allowing you to showcase some of your pictures. The cover is black and has nothing on the spine and the back. The binding of Mosaic books is perfect-bound (pages lie completely flat). The books come in mosaic box packaging.

  1.     Montage books

These books come in four sizes (6X6, 8X8, 10X10, and 12X12 inches) with a leather cover with the back bottom’s montage logo. Montage books contain a collage of pictures on glossy paper on the front cover. The books usually start with a matrix of photos. The layout of montage books is basic, minimalistic, and elegant. You can choose to use digital printing or server-highlight printing.

 MixBook prices cover all categories of people: those with a tight budget and those ready to spend generously. There is a book for everyone. Get a copy of your preferred MixBook photo book today.


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