The 5 Best Easy-to-Learn Video Editors for Kids

The forms of media have drastically changed over the last decade, where earlier it was impossible to produce any kind of quality video content without professional expertise; moreover, even access to those facilities was very hard. However, with the current state of social media and how internet access has spread out, this has changed for the better.

As with many other entertainment fields, video editing is a profession that requires its own set of skills and experience. With apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube etc., the competition to push a particular content and to make it viral is inherent in this industry.

A major component of a well-rounded and well-produced video is its editing. Editing a video adds flair and the creator’s touch to them. Hence, many creators like their videos edited for them in a distinct way that strikes the viewer in a different sense and gains the viewer’s attention.

There are several straightforward video editing software in the market to ease the daunting process of video editing. However, practice can help anyone do better at anything, including editing videos.

Starting to learn about video editing via simple and easy video editing softwares from a young age is very beneficial in the current age. It can be used to develop oneself as a future professional video editor working for major film-making companies, or it can be a hobby that can be a supplement money earner while kids get to high school or college.

Here are 5 of the easiest and simplest video editing software for kids.

  1. Clipchamp 

  1. Clipchamp is a free online video editor that lets users of any skill level create professional videos. Clipchamp is specially a great tool for children as it has a drag-and-drop interface that is super user-friendly. Users just need a good internet connection and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to run the app–nothing to download. 

    Kids can create school presentation videos or even explore their creativity and create YouTube videos, greeting cards, meme videos and more with a few clicks. The Clipchamp blog has lots of guides and tutorials suitable for kids to read and learn video editing too. 

    It’s a free video maker that’s secure and accessible for anyone. 

    • Basic video editing features like trim, crop, transitions
    • Advanced video editing features like green screen, AI voiceover
    • Ready-to-use video templates 
    • Over 1M+ stock video and music
    • Easy save and share to social media like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok
  1. InVideo

InVideo is a video maker and editor known for its ease of use. It is perfect for children who are just starting out as content creators and editors. InVideo is quick, easy and affordable, making it an excellent choice for children who are still looking for options, and InVideo provides an excellent gateway to video editing.

Editing can be a hassle even for adults with basic knowledge of editing; hence, InVideo also provides plenty of tutorials with intuitive UI in the software to ease the learning process and make full use of the software to produce outstanding results.

  • InVideo has an extensive library of video templates
  • It enables sound editing as well as video editing in the form of voice over
  • AI to help polish the editing process
  • 24/7 live support

The best part about InVideo is that it is completely free. A child starting out their editing journey will truly appreciate the functionality and user friendly-ness that InVideo provides.

  1. Windows 10 Default Photos App

Windows comes with its set of in-built bloatware with every genuine copy of its latest Windows 10 version. One of the softwares that comes pre-installed is the default photos app video editor. It is a free software, as no extra payment has to be made once the Windows operating system is purchased.

Even though the name suggests the software to be a video editor, one cannot use it after gaining some video-editing expertise due to a lack of essential features. It is a very basic software and can do the most basic of editing functions, which might be one of the advantages of using it as an entry-level software for kids.

  • The software lets you trim and split videos.
  • There is an option to add title pages either at the beginning of the video or anywhere in between.
  • Various fonts and styles of letters are available. One can also add background music either from the built-in collection or a custom audio file.
  • As it is a Windows product, various other Windows products work well in conjecture with the video editor app to import various models from paint 3D to your video.
  1. Magisto

Magisto is an online video editing program that is, by far, the easiest to use. It is more rudimentary than the Windows Video Editor. Still, it provides some necessary functions for a video editor and is simple enough for kids to learn on their own or by following the tutorials available for the software online.

Magisto is available to use in Android and iOS operating systems. It can be accessed via browsers, and all the editing is done online.

  • Magisto is fun and easy to use, making it perfect for young children to grow their interest in video editing, either as a hobby or a potential profession in the future.
  • It can compile videos and photos to make video stories on the web without using too many device resources.
  • It is fast and does not require a computer or a dedicated setup. A phone or a tablet running either the Android or iOS version is sufficient.
  • It is the easiest video maker to share edited videos, and all of the editing happens online.
  1. Openshot

Openshot is a Windows 10 editing software with more editing features than the Windows editing app and Magisto. It is open-source; that is, there are no costs involved in using or sharing the software. It also means that there are updates to this software frequently.

This is a higher-level editing software that can be used after crossing the gateway point of editing. Hence, it is not designed specifically for kids, but kids can use it to learn how to edit a video due to its salient features listed below:

  • Easy to use features.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Lots of options for the tools used in editing.
  • Scene transitions and filters are available.
  1. Filmora 9

Filmora 9 is a relatively heavier video editing software that focuses on producing high-quality videos in a short time. Even though the software itself can be challenging for a kid to learn on their own, this problem has been sorted out by the YouTube101 series with walkthroughs from experienced creators guiding young editors through the editing process.

  • Filmora 9 has a wide range of editing tools that can improve the quality of videos and improve children’s editing skills, to prepare them for the more technical and complicated video editing softwares in the future.
  • Transitions, filters and motion elements are available in the software, along with a choice of background music from their royalty-free music collection.
  • Filmora9 is a paid software, though there is an unpaid version that leaves a watermark on the edited videos.
  • The yearly plan costs $39.99, and the lifetime plan costs $69.99 with premium features included beyond the pay gate.

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