The Importance Of Fashion – How It Was In Ancient Times And How It Is Now?

Fashion means that what we wear to cover our body its called fashion. Fashion is also defined as a lifestyle. There is a significant difference between old-time fashion and current times in fashion. In the old times, people wear simple clothes, but now peoples wear new and stylish clothes to represent ourself to others. Now the people follow the trends for various purpose, but they follow it for fashion.

Importance of fashion

The importance of fashion can not be describable in a short word. The word fashion means that humans wear shoes, clothes etc. if I asked you what your opinion is about naked people? I think your answer will be liked, they look ugly or unsmart. But if we see a man who wears shoes, a formal shirt and pants, a decent haircut, then we are defined as a gentleman but if we see a man who wears stylish shoes with an informal shirt and pants, stylish haircut. Then we describe ourselves as fashionable o0r modern man. So, it means that clothes represent us as simple or stylish songs peoples in the world.

Modern fashion is connected with our day to day life. In the old times, peoples can not wear decent clothes, and they wear bark as their clothes. But now upgrading the times we can find modern fashion. As a result, we can wear trendy and stylish clothes. Now fashion is also used in tv shows as a stage show. Tv programme arranges a function to show different types of clothes. It is the starting point of fashion, and it’s simplified as modern fashion.


Fashion is a part of our life and wearing stylish clothes, and we show our personality to the world. The fashion show that there are different types of people has a different choice in fashion art. Now fashion is the trending part of the whole world. At last, we say that fashion defines us as decent and stylish peoples to all.

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