The Lawsuit against Ranitidine or Zantac

Ranitidine or Zantac lawsuits are filed against those medicine and pharmaceutical companies producing the medicine with high levels of NDMA. If you are suffering from cancer after using Ranitidine or Zantac, you can file a claim for Zantac in order to get compensation.

On 1st April of the Year 2020, the United States health and food organization, also known as FDA announced a withdrawal of this medicine by pharmaceutical companies selling them due to its harmful effects on the market for public welfare. Providing a brief guideline on how medicine should be reintroduced and released in the market.

On What Basis We Can File For Zantac:

There are two bases on which you can sue the manufacturers or the pharmaceutical companies making this medicine with high NDMA levels.

  • Problematic Design:

Problematic design of the medicine consists of producing medicine that has not been prepared with proper formula in accordance to the guidelines that is provided by food and drug administration. It can also be recorded as a mistake producing the medicine with the wrong formula in a particular slot due to employees’ mistakes.

However, a manufacturer of this medicine concludes that Ranitidine hydrochloride is by nature unstable and no matter which formula is used it will have the elements of cancer in it. Hence, it is to be used for the short term.

The Other design defect that is pointed out upon the medicine manufacturers is that there are no proper instruction guides and enabling the customers and the hospitals to inform their patients about the effects of this medicine.

  • Improper labeling and warning failure:

It is to be noted that the medicines do have a warning for internal use or as directed by the physician but this particular medicine Zantac does not have any mention of Cancer elements and use-safely warning messages as it should be according to food and drug administration, the United States.

The labeling of this medicine is also defective because it does not show any mention of NDMA which is harmful to the body.

If you continue to use this medicine further it will not only cause severe damages, not only medically but economically and physically leaving you in great despair. Hence, there is a need to file a lawsuit against medicines that are openly being used. Don’t fall in despair and get your compensation by filing a lawsuit.

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