The Must-Watch Games of EURO 2021

The postponed EURO 20 tournament is just around the corner. Need to know which games you can’t miss and how to tune in for all the action EURO 2021 promises? Here’s all the details you need to make this once-every-four-years tournament a memorable one. 

Mark Your Calendar

Scoping out the schedule and you aren’t sure which matches you need to prioritize? It would be great if you could arrange your life to conveniently fit around all of the great matches in EURO 2021. If you’re like most of us, though, you’ll need to pick and choose which games you’ll be able to watch. Here are some of the top matches you won’t want to miss.

Turkey vs. Italy

This is the opening game of the tournament and promises to have all the energy and excitement the following games will bring. Since it’s been more than 20 years since these teams have last come head-to-head it’ll also be history in the making.

England vs. Scotland

Everyone loves a longstanding rivalry, and that’s certainly the case with these two teams. Scotland hasn’t made it to the EURO tournament since 1996, where their match with England culminated in a dramatic finish. Who will come out on top in this heated match?

Portugal vs. France

After losing 10 games in a row to France, Portugal came back during extra time to win the EURO 2016 final. Since then, France has had some incredible wins. Will Portugal remain on top, or will France get the rematch it’s been waiting for?

Streaming the EURO Games

It’s no secret that EURO 2021 looks a little different from the EURO games of the past. Games will be hosted in 12 different locations, but you can still score access to every minute of the games. There are both free and paid-for options when it comes to how you can stream your games online.

Looking for more than the basics when it comes to the games? Your paid streaming services may give you additional content and analysis that won’t be available on the live broadcasts of games. With big-name brands boasting broadcasting rights, it’s also possible a streaming service you already subscribe to will be showing the matches. Hulu, ESPN, ESPN II, and YouTube TV will all be showing EURO 2021 games. 

Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you want authentic coverage of the games, a VPN service is the way to go. Install a VPN to your device and you can connect your streaming device to servers all around the world, avoiding any regional restrictions that may hinder your viewing. A high-quality VPN service will also give you anonymity and boost your cybersecurity — without compromising the speed you need to properly enjoy your soccer games.

Stream Those Games

You’ve waited a whole extra year to enjoy these matches. It’s not like 2020 was a normal year, so you deserve to indulge. Set up your VPN service and any streaming services you need well in advance. Stock your fridge, kick back, and let the EURO 2021 tournament unfold. 

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