Top 4 plagiarism checkers apps on android for 2021

Checking plagiarism through your smartphone is much easier with an application over the browsing. There are different applications for plagiarism checking and most of them are quick to check your content. 

Whether you are going through a student’s life or you are a businessman, checking plagiarism is one of the most essential things because it can ruin your career. 

For students, plagiarism might ruin their education career because none of the institutes allow the use of duplicate content in any of the assignments. 

On the other side, the businessmen usually get afraid of plagiarism because it may become the cause for ruining the business deals when used in email, business websites, or contract papers. 

The scope of checking the plagiarism from your mobile is becoming common because most of the freelancers and students use to send the data through their mobile phones. 

If you are looking for the best android app which is trending in 2021 then this article will help you. 

Top plagiarism checking apps for android smartphone

The top of the list app for plagiarism checking is Prepostseo’s plagiarism checker. This is an app from and providing the checking facility on the smartphone, efficiently. 

Prepostseo plagiarism checker

With over 100k+ downloads, this app is being downloaded by students, freelancers, businessmen, as well as some other professionals. 

Below, we have listed out some of the common features of this application:

  • It just takes a few seconds to check your content’s originality. 
  • It compares your content sentence by sentence for better results
  • It displays the matched URL and upon clicking, you can easily access the website with the same content 
  • It is efficient enough to find the most accurate matches of your content with the content published over the internet
  • It displays the percentage in real-time to note the total amount of original vs plagiarized content
  • It is quite efficient because it also finds the paraphrased content and this way, the spun content can be detected. 
  • It is completely safe and secure to use as it doesn’t store any of the data over their database
  • It can check the plagiarism in different formats including the scanning of the image through camera, PDF file, DOC file, or through pasting the content in the application. 
  • It also saves the report inside the app and these reports are accessible later anytime. 

This is easy to use as it offers a quick sign-up with the Google account. This application is free with limitations while you can buy the premium account for just $5

This is another plagiarism detection app that can be downloaded for free on your Android smartphones. This app is famous for professionals because it provides some extra features to the users. 

Kavach plagiarism Scan 

Some of its common features are discussed below:

  • It is a completely free app that can be used by anyone and anywhere
  • This app is authentic as it compares your content over multiple databases 
  • This app common for the students because it doesn’t require any subscription nor it requires any credit card for registration 
  • You can access this app without sign up or sign in. You just need to download and use the app after installation 
  • This software for android is infinite to use because it doesn’t have any limitations on the usage by any of the professional. 
  • This app doesn’t feature any of the ads and provides a unique and user-friendly interface for the users
  • It also displays the report instantly as well as through email. 

Skandy is a smartphone plagiarism checking application available on the play store which you could use for your files, text, or the URLs of the website. 

All you need to do is paste the link or the document inside the app and you can check the content easily. It Is 100% free but if you want to unlock all of the superior features, you may require to buy the subscription.


It Isn’t difficult to acquire their subscription and you’ll just need to cover the features which you use rather than paying for the whole platform.

You May also use this application with the content in the form of a picture. It would automatically convert it into the text and find the plagiarism in it. It may be used with not only normal text documents but also with the option of uploading pdf files.

Feature of skandy plagiarism checker:

  • It’s 100% free to use (with limitations)
  • It finds the result accurately through comparing with multiple databases 
  • It scans the images to find the text and work for plagiarism on it

If you would like your information to be 100% protected and assess it across the entire internet along with the offline databases, then that is the correct tool for you.

It checks each of the web pages on the internet, matches each one your lines along with others, and provides you a precise response in the long run.

This Program is trusted by students, professionals, and teachers all over the globe. It offers you a thorough overview of the plagiarized articles on your files.

Plagly plagiarsm checker

It tells you that lines fit where and highlights everything. It is possible to just run any sort of document and discover out whether or not similar material was published anywhere before.

With modern programming, this app is quite enough for the students that are looking for free apps. 

The Platform has been changed each day to match all of the requirements and eliminate any issues that happened in the old versions.

This app is free to be used but you would like to upgrade to the pro version which is possible inside the app. 

It’s not vital for all to pay to use the application and they can just continue using the free version for as long as they need.

Features of this application:

  • It tells the percentage of plagiarized vs unique content 
  • It’s 100% safe and secure to use for any of the document 
  • It offers a free trial for basic users

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